Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vid Of The Day: Swedish Sign Language Interpreter Steals The Show

Rock on, Gustav!

Super '80s Cruise Of The Day

Oh man. Check out that lineup. And you can use your tax refund as a down payment!

If they had The Motels and Missing Persons I might go, but they don't, so I won't. But don't let that stop you! (Click pic for more info.)

Thanks for the link, Tom Jacobsen.


News: Busted Walmart Wanker "Has A Problem Sticking His Hands In His Pants"

Doesn't every guy? The rest of us just do it at home on the sofa while watching TV, where it's legal. Disgusting, but legal.

Link from Mark Wonsil.
Another Satisfied Walmart Patron Gets Arrested

MARCH 2--A Walmart patron who was spotted masturbating in various sections of a South Carolina store explained to a cop that he “had a problem with sticking his hands in his pants,” according to a police report.

Officers were called to the business Saturday after customers and Walmart employees allegedly observed Jeremy Percival Bryant, 23, repeatedly exposing himself inside the Myrtle Beach retailer.

A Walmart worker told cops that a female customer reported that Bryant (seen at right) was acting “weird” in the men’s department.

When the employee went to investigate, she noticed that Bryant “had his penis out of his pants and was rubbing it.”

The worker added that Bryant would cover himself when someone moved toward him in the aisle, but would resume “the activity when he thought no one was watching him.”

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Brides Throwing Cats Of The Day

Because bouquets are for the lazy. From the Tumblr blog. (No cats were really thrown in these photos, duh.)


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