Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bad Lip Reading Of The Day: More Walking Dead, Part 1

Don't miss the rap. They call me Carl Papa.

Old Cartoon Characters: Where Are They Now?

I feel kinda bad for them. I guess they didn't invest well when they had money.

News: Too Late Now To Switch From Checkout Line With Talkative Cashier

It never fails. And I hate it when they comment on what I'm buying. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

From The Onion.
Too Late Now To Switch From Checkout Line With Talkative Cashier

BLOOMINGTON, MN—Cursing silently to himself upon realizing that the cashier in his lane was engaging in conversation with every patron, local Trader Joe’s shopper Dan Wetzel confirmed Tuesday that it was now too late for him to switch to another line manned by a less outgoing employee.

“Oh, no,” said Wetzel, who reportedly looked around in momentary panic after overhearing the clerk cheerily ask a pair of customers about their recent weekend activities, only to find that several people had filed into line behind him and that the window to slide over to an adjacent lane had long since closed.

“Ugh, goddammit.”

At press time, Wetzel had forced a half-smile to his face and braced himself as the store employee began making chipper inquiries about the meal Wetzel was planning to make with the items he was offloading from his basket to the counter.

Cats Outside For The First Time (Of The Day)

A gamut of emotion. Thanks for the idea, Crystal H.


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