Monday, April 28, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite James Taylor Songs

1. Never Die Young
2. Millworker
3. Sweet Baby James
4. Something In The Way She Moves
5. Blossom

Honorable Mentions: Carolina In My Mind, Frozen Man, Riding On A Railroad.

Vid Of The Day: How To Tell Black People Apart By David Alan Grier

To me, Grier will always be Don "No Soul" Simmons from Kentucky Fried Movie.

WTF Product Of The Day: Baby Masks

Jesus God WTF? These "award-winning" baby heads from artist Landon Meier aren't creepy at all! Three models available: Disgusted Baby, Happy Baby, and Cry Baby. See? Happy Baby wants to give you a haircut.

If you have $400-500 (plus shipping) to spare, grab a couple of these for your next staff meeting.

If you think it would be fun to wear these out in public just to fuck with people, well, you're in luck. It's already been done.

Sleep well tonight.

90s Book Titles That We Wish Existed (Of The Day)

From Buzzfeed. Thanks for the link, Suzanne Lybarger.

(more here)

News: Phallic Skate Park Causes Facebook Stir After Being Spotted On Google Maps

Park designer: "Certain people seem to get really excited by a giant phallus. My response is usually that if yours is that shape you should probably have a chat with your doctor!"
Phallic skate park causes Facebook stir after being spotted on Google Maps

It's not so much a case of “hang 10” as “hung 10” for users of this phallic-looking South Wales skateboard park which has been causing a stir ever since being spotted on online satellite images.

Eagle-eyed Google Maps users this week took to Facebook to discuss the Porthcawl facility’s cheeky shape after Gareth Bishop posted a picture and asked: “Anyone else notice the unfortunate design of the skate park?”

Others quickly chipped in with predictably wry comments, while Sean Bugsy Bingham noted: “Only in Porthcawl would you get a tarmac beach and a c***-shaped skate park.”

It is the latest example of unintentionally suggestive designs being spotted on sites like Google Maps and Google Earth.

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