Monday, March 17, 2014

Vid Of The Day: Best Picture Final Shots

A compilation of final shots from all 86 Best Picture winners in Oscar history.

The 'Best Picture' Show: A Final Image Montage on Vimeo from The Final Image Films on Vimeo.

Product Of The Day: Horse Head Pillow

You've seen The Godfather, right? From Kropserkel via The Awesomer.

From Kropserkel: "These are full sized horse head pillow™ plush pieces and are larger than you might think (33 inches/84cm from nose to neck, 19 inches/48cm tall). They feature the highest quality soft, synthetic fur and mane, felt tongues, and our signature quality workmanship. Stuffed with non-allergenic soft polyester fiber fill, they feel just like you would hope they would."

News: Playboy Model Sues For Golf-Tee-In-Butt Stunt Mishap

He missed the hole. Luckily for her.

Playboy Model Sues Magazine After ‘Golf Tee In Butt’ Stunt Goes Wrong

Liz Dickson, a model who appeared at the 2012 Playboy Golf Finals, is suing the infamous publication after a golfing stunt went awry.

A golfer trying to drive a ball from a tee that had been placed between Dickson’s buttocks actually ended up whacking her instead. The incident took place at the Industry Hills Golf Club in Los Angeles on March 30, 2012,

According to TMZ, Dickson is now trying to sue for battery and negligence, and she is seeking $500,000 plus punitive damages. The golfer who embarrassingly missed the shot has been named as Kevin Klein, a Playboy Morning Show radio host.

Further details surrounding the incident have also materialized, and they note that Dickson was instructed to lay on her stomach and pose for a photo with Klein, whose show is simulcast on radio and cable TV. The lawsuit states that she agreed to have the image taken of her lying on her stomach “with her buttocks partially exposed.”

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Ten 45s I Owned As A Child And Why

So my taste was a bit eclectic. I was 10.

I don't know why I liked this song, but I did. Now it annoys the shit out of me.

This one I inherited from my parents, who loved Ike & Tina. Such a great call-and-response tune. My sister and I used to lip-sync it for my folks and they would laugh like hell.

Billy f**king Jack. I wasn't allowed to see the movie so I got this corny-ass record, which I loved at the time. I did finally see the movie years later. All I can say is, you gotta love an anti-war film when the protagonist beats the shit out of everybody.

Another Christmas gift that I requested. It was a strange choice, but then, I was always a little bit weird. I probably wanted it because the "The Streak" was so huge. Can't listen to it now, though. I cannot abide the sound of a banjo.

Another odd choice. I heard this song the other day on Sirius XM. Zzzzzz.

I loved this creepy ditty. Didn't know at the time it was written by Alan "Undercover Angel" O'Day. Al had a dark side, it would seem. I thought Helen Reddy was hot.

Every kid I knew owned this 45. If you didn't, you were a big fat loser. This was COMEDY GOLD, people--and timely, as streaking was just becoming popular in the mid-70s.

I wore this one out. I was a nerd. I had no idea it was about losing your virginity. If someone had told me, I would have said, "What's virginity?" and then things would have turned awkward in a hurry.

Best song on the list. Inherited from my parents. I'm glad they liked black people music better than shit like Bread or The Lettermen.

Epic is right. Still a kick-ass tune. I remember a friend of mine throwing an atomic conniption fit at Christmas because he asked for this 45 but got "Rubber Band Man" instead. Can you blame him?


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