Wednesday, January 15, 2014

News: Drunk Driver Hides From Police In Tree, Claims To Be Owl

I'm not WHO-WHOOOOO you're looking for! We get barred owls that sound drunk howling in our back yard trees some nights. Maybe it's a dude up there.
Police: 'I'm an owl,' says drunken driver hiding in tree

An alleged drunken driver arrested while hiding 30 feet up a tree Friday on Interstate 290 “rambled on about being an owl” when confronted, police wrote in court documents.

Troy A. Prockett, 37, of Hudson, was arraigned Monday on a slew of charges -- including third-offense drunken driving -- after town firefighters had to use a bucket truck to bring a cop 30 feet into a tree to arrest him, the MetroWest Daily News reported.

Documents in Westborough District Court provide additional details about the unusual arrest, including the fact that police at one point feared the man’s daughter might have been ejected from his vehicle.

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Vid Of The Day: Springsteen & Kimmel Sing

Not to get political or anything, but this made me laugh.

Rejected Florida License Plates Of The Day

You would think that anything goes in Florida. It certainly does with crime. But no--these plates got shot down.

More rejects here.


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