Thursday, October 10, 2013

7 Banned Movie Posters Of The Day

From The Frisky.

Just because a movie is sexy and provocative doesn't mean the poster can be.

For its film about an emotionally troubled sex addict, Fox Searchlight tried to push the envelope in European marketing. It didn't work -- at least not in Hungary, where this poster was banned.

Innocent enough at first glance, but the MPAA took a second one and realized they were not psyched on implying that Seth Rogen gets or gives head.

This original official poster was banned only in the U.S. -- ironic considering it's a film about censorship.

Personally, we don't get why this poster for an indie film about a girl with vagina dentata was banned for being too naughty. It perfectly depicts what the film is about -- rather subtly, in fact.

Banned in the U.S. (but allowed in Canada and the U.K.), the poster was cited for posing children's toys in adult positions. Because children never make their stuffed animals hump.

The poster for this Jane Russell movie is tame by today's standards, but at the time, the focus on her ample bosom got people in a tizzy. The real story behind this controversy is that the film's director, Howard Hughes, was having a bitch of a time getting the movie released, so he stirred up controversy with this poster in order to incite audience interest.

The 2008 film was positioned as a female empowerment tale of a woman getting revenge on those who brutally rape her. But the movie actually had very little to do with revenge and is, in fact, gratuitously focused on the rape itself; that the original poster attempted to titillate viewers into seeing it with a sexy shot of a woman's butt is additionally repulsive. Listing of The Day: Veet Hair Removal Gel

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