Monday, July 15, 2013

Trip Advisor Users Whose Vacations Were Less Than Wonderful (Of The Day)

I bet they were using Groupons.

From Tripadvisaargh via Buzzfeed.

News: Man Arrested For Having Sex with a Rubber Pool Raft. Again.

From Elliot and Clevescene.
Man Arrested for Having Sex with a Rubber Pool Raft. Again.

July 11, 2013--An Ohio man was arrested for public indecency after he was caught engaging in sexual relations with a pool raft.

Apparently this is his fifth arrest for similar offenses.

In this most recent incident, Edwin Charles Tobergta, 34, of Hamilton allegedly stepped outside of his Harmon Ave. home on June 17 at approximately 1:20 p.m. completely naked, the police report said.

A child in his neighborhood then witnessed the accused "having sexual relations with a rubber pool float." It is unclear whether the raft was in water or on dry land.

Tobergta was indicted by a grand jury yesterday for public indecency, a fifth-degree felony. Should he be convicted (and c'mon, it's his fifth offense), he could face 12 months behind bars. 

If Star Wars Characters Were Unemployed (Of The Day)

From Marcos Munichin via DesignTaxi.


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