Monday, November 19, 2012

Clever Idea Of The Day: Public Stress Relief Station

From Laughing Squid:

Street artist fra.biancoshock installed an ingenious antistress station in a Milan bus shelter consisting of bubble wrap sheets in three stress relief dosages: 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes.

More here.

Turkey Cakes That Totally Look Like Penises (Of The Day)

From Jody Love.

What's better than a one-eyed trouser snake?
A two-eyed trouser turkey!

Medical fact: over time, small penises will develop claws in an attempt to extend their reach.


I've heard of being "as horny as a three-balled tomcat" but never a three-balled turkey.

Can you leave my name off the cake this year, Grandma?

I see no penis here. But I do see a cat-shit octopus.

See more at Heavy.

Possessed Small Appliance Of The Day: Devil Toaster

From Gawker and Liz Thayer.

28 Years Ago, The Today Show Aired the Greatest Interview in Television History

If you've been sitting around for the past 27 years waiting to witness the greatest moment in television history, I've got some bad news: You missed it.

In May 1984, The Today Show aired what can unarguably be described as the greatest televised interview ever: Legendary Weekly World News reporter and future Jerry Springer Show executive producer Richard Dominick's sit-down with a woman whose toaster was possessed by the Devil.

Suffice it to say, the year this segment didn't win every journalism award is the year every journalism award became irreverent. - Neetzan Zimmerman for Gawker

The video:


News Of The Day: Popeye's Home Boiglerized

From The Onion.

Popeye's Home Boiglerized

SWEETHAVEN VILLAGE—According to a report filed with the Sweethaven Police Department, the private residence of sailor man Popeye was violently boiglerized at approximately 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. 

"It seems that early this morning, the masked thieves broke down the door and boiglerized a house, taking nearly $700 worth of cash and pois'nal items and assaltupatin' the residents," said a police spokesperson, adding that the humiligrated homeowner was forced to watch at gunpoint as his live-in girlfriend Olive Oyl, 34, was voiliated by the men. 

"Sadly, as the thieves were making their escape, they even moidered an eyewitness, J. Wellington Wimpy. It's a real traveshty." 

Authorities added that the homeowner was still shaken from the experience but had promised to poilverize them no good so-'n'-sos should he ever find them.


I remember watching Popeye. It wasn't one of my favorites but pickin's was slim on Sunday morning when it aired, so we watched it. Sunday morning cartoons were the B-team; all the good stuff--Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, Super Friends--aired on Saturday. So when you got up early on Sunday you could either watch church, Gospel Jubilee or old/low-budget stuff like Popeye, Hercules, Speed Racer, Zoom. I'll say this for Popeye--it was different and, like the Three Stooges and Little Rascals, clearly from another era.


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