Monday, October 15, 2012

Amusing London Tube Prank Signs

Cheeky monkeys. From this Tumblr blog.

More here.

Craigslist Ad of the Day: Morrissey Shrine

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Morrissey shrine

Date: 2012-09-14, 8:30PM PDT

My unemployment benefits ran out and I have to downsize, so I won't be able to take the shrine with me. No more reeling around the fountain, indeed. 

Comes from a home where smoking was previously allowed and 2 cats lived but they both died this summer. 

And I might as well tell you that I had to exchange all the stuff my ex-fiancee and I had at each other's places this morning, since he ended our relationship just as things were looking most grim for me, so I might be sobbing when you come by.

Pathetic Kid Letters Of The Day

From Funny Or Die.



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