Friday, August 31, 2012

News: Man Breaks Penis During Sex, Sues Makers Of Boner Pill

Ouch. I expect a stiff penalty. 

From Gawker and Hannah Nesbada.

Texas Man Who 'Broke' His Penis During Sex Suing Makers of Boner Pill

A man who suffered a traumatic penile fracture last year is suing the makers of an herbal "sexual enhancement supplement," alleging it was directly responsible for his terrifying injury.

29-year-old Adrian Carter of Houston says he experienced "significant pain and observed a large quantity of blood squirting out of his penis onto the sheets, walls and mirror" after engaging in sexual intercourse with his "paramour" at a local motel.

He rushed to the emergency room, where doctors were forced to "deglove" his penis in order to fix the fracture — a procedure that reportedly resulted in his inability to copulate or produce progeny.

Carter's lawyer, Melissa Moore, claims her client's doctor "directly linked" Virilis Pro, marketed by Haute Health LLC as an all-natural supplement, to his horrific ordeal. "It was pretty horrific to view the pictures," she told ABC News. "I know it sounds unusual...He was young and healthy and on no other meds at the time he took the supplement."

But a University of Texas Professor of Urology who spoke with 1200 WOAI News said Carter's injury was actually not that unusual.

"What happens is, when a guy has an erection, the penis is filled with blood and there's a lot of pressure," Dr. LeRoy Jones said. "If the pelvic bone hits the penis, you can kinda think of the penis as buckling. You can get a rupture and blood can leak out."

Dr. Jones further noted that it's highly unlikely the pills were responsible — mostly because they don't work. "Maybe guys will have a placebo effects," he said, "but there's nothing in there that will help them."

Memorable Movie Cougars Of The Day


Anne Bancroft - The Graduate

Mrs. Robinson was pretty effortless in her seduction of young Benjamin Braddock, and it's easy to see why; few can hold a cigarette or show a bit of leg as seductively as the late Anne Bancroft. Why didn't they teach us about this in college?

Jacqueline Bisset - Class

Jacqueline Bisset is an accomplished, class-act British actress, but that didn't stop her from hooking up with Andrew McCarthy's prep-school character in 1983's Class.

Jane Seymour - Wedding Crashers

Dr. Quinn still has the medicine we're lookin' for! Or should we say, "Kittycat"? Groping Seymour in Crashers still stands as Owen Wilson's finest career achievement.

Jennifer Coolidge - American Pie

We all owe "Stifler's mom" a debt of gratitude for bringing the concept of the cougar back in vogue. That, and doing it on a pool table.

Kim Cattrall - Sex and the City: The Movie

Samantha Jones, our favorite "try-sexual" (as in, she'll try anything once), enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with a younger man ... or so we've heard from our girlfriends. Kim Cattrall's still got the goods, though.

Mary Steenburgen - What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

A bored Johnny Depp has an affair with Mary Steenburgen's unfulfilled housewife, and he's still mopey all the time. We know you had your hands full with a morbidly obese mother and a mentally challenged brother, but jeez, Gilbert ... enjoy the ride a little!

Susan Sarandon - White Palace

Young middle class widower meets middle-aged, working-class waitress, and sparks fly. We hear James Spader needed a cold shower after every single scene with Sarandon. Pity she couldn't join him.

Kim Basinger - The Door in the Floor

Jeff Bridges was on the receiving end of some cougar lovin' in The Last Picture Show, but in 2004's The Door in the Floor his wife Kim Basinger who takes an interest in his much younger summer assistant. Basinger has just passed the 50 mark when this was filmed, but her 20-year-old co-star Jon Foster didn't seem to mind.

Cloris Leachman - The Last Picture Show

Though she may have freaked us out recently with 80-year-old cleavage on "Dancing With the Stars," Cloris Leachman made for a convincingly sexy adulterous housewife who hooks up with a much younger Jeff Bridges in this 1970 classic.

Angela Bassett - How Stella Got Her Groove Back

What happens in Montego Bay stays in Montego Bay? Nope. We don't begrudge Angela Bassett's character's bringing her hot young piece of man flesh back from Jamaica ... and we certainly don't begrudge him for joining her.

(List continues at

Band Logos Of The Day

I never really thought about how many bands have logos -- more than you realize (or more than I realized, at least).

How many of these do you know? Some are more familiar than others. In a few I obscured the band's name in the logo. Answers at bottom.

Answers (from top): Rolling Stones, The Specials, The Offspring, Deftones, Public Enemy, Pussycat Dolls, Misfits, Madness, ELO, Kanye West, Jamiraquoi, Inspiral Carpets, Nirvana, Geri Hallewell, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, ELP (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), Dead Kennedys, Twisted Sister, Grateful Dead, Metallica, Deep Purple, Weezer, Led Zep, Cher, Bauhaus, Prince, Aphex Twin, Aerosmith, Tool.


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