Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News Of The Day: Day-Care Workers Busted For Forcing Toddlers To Fight

Are you f**king kidding me?

Cops: Daycare Workers Forced Toddler Fight

AUGUST 21--Three Delaware daycare workers face felony assault and conspiracy charges after investigators discovered videos of them forcing two three-year-old boys to engage in a shocking and brutal fight.

According to a Dover police affidavit filed in common pleas court, investigators obtained a search warrant for the Samsung cell phone of Tiana Harris, 19, an employee of the Hands of Our Future daycare center on Saturday after they became aware of two videos Harris allegedly recorded of a single fight that took place in March. 

On the videos, the two toddlers are “being forced to engage in a physical altercation” by 47-year-old Lisa Parker while Harris and coworker worker Estefania Myers, 21, are “laughing and encouraging” the battle.

As the children’s caretakers watch, one of the boys was “punched numerous times in the face and head” by the other toddler and when he stops fighting, Parker grabs him and forces him to keep going while Harris and Myers are on tape “laughing and encouraging the altercation.” 

One of the victims is also seen “screaming and crying and holding his face while being punched” as well as being pushed into a table.

Arrested yesterday, Harris, Myers, and Parker--pictured in the above mug shots from left to right were also hit with misdemeanor child endangerment charges since the video shows seven other children at the facility in the area where the fight was taking place. 

Released on $10,000 bond each, the three women are due in court for a preliminary hearing Friday morning.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Satanic Sexual Ritual

best of craigslist > santa barbara >

Satanic Sexual Ritual

Date: 2009-06-18, 5:13PM PDT

Looking for a woman with evil appetites.

We will have nasty, evil, sweaty, probably illegal sexual encounters in order to bring about the rise of Lucifer. (ie Satan)

Must be willing to do all styles of sexual positions, except Missionary. That is the Lord's Way, and we will have none of that. Besides, if we do it Missionary, Satan gets angry and a kitten dies. I like kittens.

Must be into anal. For that is Satan's Alley.

Must like blow jobs (Swallowing Lucifer's Gravy) and Hand Jobs (Milking the Evil Goat)

Must be into slight S&M (Safe word: Pink Sock)

Must be into erotic and evil costumes and lingerie. Leather Thongs, spikes, boots, black and evil bras that accentuate your bosom, Boba Fett costumes.

Must be willing to deep throat. (So that my satanic appendage will be closer to your black soul)

Must be into strap-ons so that I may feel the "Power of Beezlebub" coursing thru my lower intestines.

The perfect encounter will be this:

Meeting you at one of our local eatery's. Plying you with ample alcoholic libations. Enjoying a nice piece of animal flesh. Tipping the waiter only 10% instead of 15 to 20% (Because we are EVIL!)

Taking you back to my lair. Removing your Gothic Garb, laying you roughly upon my "Sacrifice Altar" (Twin size futon), and promptly begin to nibble on your Satanic Slit. (Please shave before the ritual, as it's hard to be evil when you got pubes stuck in your fillings).

Whence you are all moist with the Power of The Dark Lord's Juices, I will remove my cape and trousers and proceed to fill you with the Sceptre of His Infernal Majesty. You will writhe in pleasure so deep, it will call forth the Evil One himself!

After 4 to 7 minutes of the most intense sexual experience of your God Fearing life, we will perform a Satanic Snuggle, until you gently fall asleep in my powerful arms.

If this taps into the Primordial Jelly you have buried deep down in your Dark Soul, then contact me and we will make beautiful, agonizing "love" together. 


They Can That? (Of The Day)

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