Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Product of the Day: FreshBalls

Don't laugh, ladies, they make some for boobs, too. Link from Rachel and Jenee.

From the website:

"For the first time there is a product that prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feelings of being sweaty, sticky, and chafing in the groin area, which all men suffer from. 

Fresh Balls® is a natural product and is formulated to keep your private area fresh and dry, and solves the perspiration problem.

Our product is Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, and Talc Free, and contains Oatmeal as an anti-irritant and Tea Tree Oil as an anti-bacterial.

Fresh Balls® is an easy to apply lotion that dries quickly, so it won’t clump on your skin or leave a powdery residue in your pants. It can be used as often as needed and is recommended to use as part of your daily grooming routine."

More here, including FreshBreasts, FreshFeet, FreshBaby, t-shirts and a sticker they think you want to put on your car.

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