Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adding Monsters To Thrift Store Paintings Of The Day

And why not? You bought six paintings for 84 cents.

Semi-original artwork by Chris McMahon and Thyrza Segal at Twisted Sifter. Link from Josh.

 See more here.

News Story Of The Day: Moonwalk Or Die

I said DANCE, motherfucker!

From Idaho State Journal and Bean Counter Lori.

Idaho man accused of using gun to force 'moonwalk'

Associated Press  •  April 27, 2012

An Idaho man has been charged with assault after authorities say he ordered another man to perform the "moonwalk" at gunpoint.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reports 30-year-old John Ernest Cross was charged with the felony Tuesday in 1st District Court and appointed a public defender.

Police say they were called Monday to Cross' home in Clark Fork after getting a report that he pointed a rifle at another man and demanded that the man perform the dance move popularized by Michael Jackson in the 1980s.

Investigators accuse Cross of using a semiautomatic rifle during the episode, but Cross claimed during his initial court appearance this week that the firearm was simply a pellet gun.

Pubescent Awkwardness In Seven Seconds (vid)

Whenever I say I wish I were young again, I mean any ages except 13-15. Link from Rachael.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together (Of The Day)

From the Tumblr blog of the same name. Link from Jody.

David Lee Roth + Sean Penn + The Beastie Boys

 Dames Judi Dench + Maggie Smith

Al Pacino + Christopher Walken

Prince + The Prince

 Marlene Dietrich + Amelia Earhart

 Groucho Marx + George Carlin

 John Lennon + Mick Jagger

Dean Martin + John Wayne

Lots more here.

Vid Of The Day: Dora The Disaster

Her hair really does look like Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men. From Bryn and Adult Swim.


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