Monday, November 28, 2011

News Of The Day: Man Busted For Secretly Filming Mother-In-Law On Toilet

What the shit?! From The Smoking Gun.

Man Busted For Secretly Filming Woman In Bathroom. Oh, The Woman Was His Mother-In-Law

A Virginia man used his cell phone to secretly record his mother-in-law undressed in the bathroom, police charge.

Jason Good, 40, was busted yesterday on a misdemeanor charge of filming/ videotaping an undressed person, according to a Henrico County Division of police statement.

Cops had been contacted earlier Sunday by Good’s wife, who “was looking through her husband’s cell phone when she located a video of an adult female using the restroom.”

After “further investigation,” police reported, “the reporting person was able to identify the was her 57 year old mother.”

The woman videotaped does not live in the Maple Creek Court home where she was surreptitiously filmed.

When officers responded to Good’s residence, his wife directed them to “a hole located in the wall between the garage and the bathroom.” Good was subsequently interviewed by cops and arrested.

It is unclear if the surreptitious filming occurred over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Vid Of The Day: Local News Fails Compilation

Most of these have appeared on this blog at one time or another, but it's always nice to have them in one vid, isn't it? Of course it is.

From Funny Or Die, in case you missed their logos stuck all over everything.

Top 19 Pics Of The Pepper-Spray Meme (Of The Day)

One final homage to this meme.

From Kate Stransky

From Simon Levin

Vid Of The Day: Lost Doors

Sorry about the ad. They're getting harder to avoid these days. From TheMovieGuru.


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