Thursday, November 10, 2011

Retro Print Ad Of The Day: One-Piece

They don't make ads like this anymore. Thank god. The copy is hysterical. They must have paid Brad Delp a fortune to get him to do this.

As seen on the LOTD Facebook page.

Movie Trailer Of The Day

I'm so there.

News Of The Day: Young Women Nabbed In Bloody Satanic Sex Ritual

Really? Because they don't look scary at all. Such a shame--finding dates with total strangers on the internet is usually a safe bet.

Link from Keith and The Smoking Gun.

Young Women Nabbed In Bloody Satanic Sex Ritual

NOVEMBER 9--Two young Milwaukee women were arrested this week after an 18-year-old Arizona man--who traveled to Wisconsin by bus after meeting one of the suspects online--told cops that he was held captive in the duo’s apartment for two days and slashed and stabbed more than 300 times as part of an apparent satanic sex ritual.

A Milwaukee Police Department search warrant for the apartment where the man was held details his ordeal. The warrant authorized cops to seize an assortment of items from the residence, including “knives or other cutting instruments,” blood and DNA evidence, duct tape, restraining devices, and “Books or literature relating to Satanism or the occult.”

The police investigation began Sunday night after cops responded to a report of a possible stabbing. Officers found the Arizona man “bleeding from the neck, arms and back.” He told cops that after arriving at the home of a woman he met online, he “was bound and was stabbed numerous times over a timeframe of what he described as ‘two days.’”

The man was transported to a local hospital, where medical personnel “estimated the number of wounds to be in excess of 300,” according to a search warrant affidavit.

“He suffered multiple puncture wounds as well as lacerations and slash wounds to his back, face, arms, legs and neck,” noted police.

Officers responding to the reported stabbing discovered “bloody duct tape, which
was fashioned in a manner that appeared to be a restraint, as well as a bloody length of rope” in the area where the victim was found.

A blood trail led police to Apartment 9 on the third floor of 918 East Knapp Street. Inside, cops spotted a “large amount of blood on the floor and on bedding in a bedroom.” They also saw “duct tape, which was fashioned in a manner that appeared to be a restraint.”

While at the apartment building, police were approached by Rebecca Chandler, 22, who stated, “I think you are here looking for me.”

Chandler told cops that she had engaged in sexual relations with the Arizona man “and that the cutting was consensual but that it got quickly out of hand.”

Chandler claimed that her roommate--whom she identified only as “Scarlett”--was “the one who did the majority of the cutting” during the incident. Chandler, police reported, “also made reference to ‘Scarlett’ possibly being involved in satanic or occult activities.”

(story continues here)

Vid Of The Day: Close Encounters Of The Cetacean Kind

Wait for it.

That would conclude my surfing day.


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