Monday, June 13, 2011

Vid Of The Day: The Weinerlogues (NFSW!)

Oh how I love this. If Jane Lynch can add class to this, she can add class to anything. She even makes Bill Maher funny, which I never thought possible.

Extremely raunchy and unsafe for work.

News Story Of The Day: Oprah "Hated Every Minute" Of Show

From The Onion.

I Just Want To Say That I Hated Every Goddamn Minute Of My Piece-Of-Shit Show

by Oprah Winfrey

Wow, I guess that's it. It's hard to believe that after pouring my heart and soul into that show for 25 years, I'll never tape another episode, sit down with another guest, or connect with another fan again. And thank fucking God for that, because I hated every moment of that piece-of-shit show.

Literally every single moment just made me want to die.

Look, I'll be the first to tell you that my program was absolute garbage. It was 25 years of trite, predictable, emotionally manipulative drivel. I brought people on the show, I talked to them, I wanted to puke the entire time because of how stupid the whole thing was, and then, at the end of the day, it took everything in my power not to blow my own brains out.

To the people who found my personality relatable, I say this: I'm a fucking billionaire, I don't relate to you at all, and I can now say with complete impunity that I want all you pathetic losers to go fuck yourselves.

Every single show was a struggle. I was utterly disgusted by every person I sat next to on that oversized couch, and it took all I had to pretend I gave a shit about whatever Wynonna Judd had rattling around in her skull, or to act all spellbound when some frump looked marginally more presentable following a haircut from stylist-to-the-stars Ken Paves.

I don't know what people at home thought they were watching, but what they were actually looking at was a self-loathing woman trying her best not to have a total nervous breakdown before the next commercial break.

I did 4,561 episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Now, imagine taking a pair of hedge clippers and cutting off your big toe 4,561 times, and that's a fraction of the physical and mental anguish I was going though.

That my name was associated with the whole thing made it that much more excruciating.

I hated them all: I hated Hugh Jackman. I hated Jim Carrey. I hated Dakota Fanning. I honestly couldn't care less about injured war veterans, or about that one girl who survived genocide to attend Yale. The daughter whose dying mother made her taped messages before she died? I actually had to stop myself from rolling my eyes while the girl told me that story because of how stupid I thought the whole idea was.

Lisa Marie Presley was absolutely disgusting, Miley Cyrus was a moron, Stevie Wonder bored me to death, and Brooke Shields annoyed the ever-living fuck out of me.

And you know what? I hated Sidney Poitier most of all. Yeah, I get it. He's black, I'm black. Big fucking deal.

Did you know Celine Dion was on my show 27 times? You want to try having the same conversation with Celine Dion 27 goddamn times?

(Story continues at The Onion)

May Engrish Roundup

We mock you.

Only wing it once!

Lithperth welcome

If only P.F. Chang's were this honest

I wish. My brain could use a cleaning.

Never mind the name. I'm not drinking anything bottled in Ghana.

Bottled in Ghana. May cause Ghana-rhea.

Unless you have Ghana-rhea

They didn't even try on this one.

Don't cook mother longer than 40 minutes or she will be dry.

"Wow, your treads are magnificent!"

That's one way to solve the makeup-removal problem.

Clearly. Calm down, man!

I guess you can take it with you after all.

That sounds good, I'll have that. Can you hold the armpit hair? Thanks.

WTF Video Of The Day: House

It must be Sweeps Week. -Frank

Best YouTube comment: "This is how you get lupus."


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