Friday, June 3, 2011

Classic Movie Clips Of The Day: Road House

Classic in the ironic sense, that is.

Movie Posters With Original Casting Choices (Of The Day)

We all know that movies and TV shows go through a long casting process before they ever hit the screen. Here's how a few of our favorites might've looked if the the original casting choices had stayed on the projects.

From Moviefone and IMDb.

FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF: Johnny Depp, Rob Lowe, John Cusack, Tom Cruise, Michael J. Fox and Robert Downey, Jr. were all considered for the lead.

PRETTY WOMAN: Disney wanted Meg Ryan, not Julia Roberts, for the role of Vivian. Al Pacino turned down the role of Edward Lewis.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Ralph Macchio turned down the role of Marty McFly, thinking the movie was about "A kid, a car and plutonium pills." Also considered for the part were Canadian pop singer Corey Hart and C. Thomas Howell. Eric Stoltz was cast as Marty but was fired after a few weeks of filming and replaced by Michael J. Fox.

John Lithgow, Dudley Moore and Jeff Goldblum were all considered for the role of Doc Brown.

THELMA & LOUISE: Melanie Griffith was considered for the role of Louise.
Cher was offered the role of Thelma, but turned it down. Callie Khouri, who wrote the original screenplay, wanted Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand. Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep wanted to make a movie together, and Thelma & Louise was one of the scripts they considered. Ultimately, they decided to star in Death Becomes Her (1992) instead.

Then-struggling actor George Clooney auditioned five times for Ridley Scott for the part of J.D., but lost the role to Brad Pitt.

JFK: Director Oliver Stone's first two choices to play Jim Garrison were Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson. James Woods eagerly lobbied for the role of Garrison. However, he and Oliver Stone had vast creative differences, Woods wanting the film to be more of a biography of Jim Garrison with much more emphasis on his personal life, while Stone wanted it to be primarily about the case.

Jeff Bridges and Nick Nolte were both considered for the role of Jim Garrison. Bridges was turned down because he was not a major box-office draw, while Nolte was considered to be too old.

FOOTLOOSE: Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe were both slated to play the lead. The casting directors were impressed with Cruise because of the famous underwear dance sequence in Risky Business, but Cruise was busy filming All the Right Moves (1983).Lowe auditioned three times and had dancing ability and the "neutral teen" look the director wanted, but a knee injury prevented him from taking the part.

The producers gave Kevin Bacon the part after seeing him in Diner (1982).

HOME ALONE: Robert De Niro turned down the role of Harry, which went to his Goodfellas co-star, Joe Pesci.

LOTR: Peter Jackson's first two choices for the role of Aragorn were Russell Crowe or
Daniel Day-Lewis. Crowe was excited about the prospect of being involved with a major motion picture shooting in New Zealand, but couldn't commit due to scheduling conflicts.

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE: Tim Curry and Jeremy Irons both turned down the role of Alex. Stanley Kubrick once said, "If Malcolm McDowell hadn't been available I probably wouldn't have made the film."

THE BRADY BUNCH: Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz originally wanted Gene Hackman, not Robert Reed, for the role of Mike Brady, but the studio didn't consider Hackman well-known enough at the time.


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