Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fake Movie Trailer Of The Day: Boston (NSFW)

Contains language, violence and at least one spoiler (from The Departed, for the four of you who haven't seen it yet). From Funny Or Die.

Posts are spotty this week because I am out of town with my family for Spring Break. Regular posting (4-6 a day) will resume next week. Thanks.

Internet Meme Of The Day: Insanity Wolf

From Know Your Meme:

Insanity Wolf is the mentally disturbed cousin of Courage Wolf. While Courage Wolf often encourages people to overcome life’s obstacles, Insanity wolf tells his viewers to rape, kill, and commit other acts of insanity. There is even a Facebook app for Insanity Wolf.

Thanks, Meglee, for pointing him out to me.


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