Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa FAILs Of The Day

Santa: they're doing him wrong.

Bill Gates? No. In fact, not even a man.

Christmas Gift Of The Day

What do you give the Grandpa that has everything? -Frank

Best Of The Worst Christmas Albums, Vol. 2

More holiday horrors, but with a catch this time. Some are real, but others are fake, the fruits of a Worth1000.com Photoshop contest. Can you tell which is which? You might be surprised.

Answers at the end of the post.

Mind if I drive, Ray?

Fakes: Fran Drescher, Gene & Richard Simmons, Marcel Marceau, Johnny Rotten, Roseanne Barr, Shatner & Hasselhoff, Christmas With Kazoo, Homeless For The Holidays, Gilbert Gottfried. The rest are real.

Music Video of the Day: I Just Had Sex (NSFW)

From The Lonely Island's second album, due out in 2011. With cameos by Akon, John McEnroe, Blake Lively, and Jessica Alba.

-Heidi Renée


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