Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vid Of The Day: Hurdles

D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh! runrunrun D'oh!

11 U.S. Cities With The Ugliest People (Of The Day)

From Travel & Leisure, who ranked 35 major U.S. cities on numerous criteria, including best-looking and worst-looking residents. How did they choose? You'll have to ask them. I'm just the messenger. I'm sure they had a scientific method; these kinds of rankings aren't the least bit subjective.


11. Boston
10. Santa Fe
9. Kansas City
8. Houston
7. Portland, Maine
6. Washington, D.C.
5. Orlando
4. Anchorage
3. Philadelphia
2. Baltimore
1. Memphis


11. San Francisco
10. Nashville
9. Denver
8. Austin
7. San Juan, Puerto Rico (a great U.S. city)
6. Honolulu
5. Salt Lake City
4. Miami
3. Savannah
2. San Diego
1. Charleston, SC

Classic 70s Music Video Of The Day: Drift

In case you missed it last night on my Facebook page because we aren't Facebook friends. And whose fault is that?


Six years before Dobie Gray [nee: Lawrence Darrow Brown] laid down his debut album Drift Away (1972), the vocalist had established himself as a seemingly 'one-hit wonder' with "The 'In' Crowd," scoring additional attention with "See You at the 'Go-Go'" and "Out on the Floor." While the latter pair barely made an impact on the charts Stateside, both were considered classics throughout Europe -- especially among fans within the U.K.'s Northern Soul community.

A fortuitous collaborative partnership with Mentor Williams -- brother of noted composer/musician/actor Paul Williams -- led to a deal with Decca/MCA and ultimately to a Mentor Williams' tune that would become Gray's signature, "Drift Away," which also soared into the Top Five of the Pop survey in March of 1973, giving Decca their final Gold single prior to the label's collapse into their MCA Records parent company.

The entire album reflects the same insouciant vibe of the familiar title track with Gray's Nashville-based backing band featuring Williams (guitar), Mike Leech (bass), Reggie Young (guitar), Troy Seals (guitar), David Briggs (keyboards) and Kenny Malone (drums) with Weldon Myrick (pedal steel guitar) and Buddy Spicher (fiddle) augmenting the lineup.

"Drift Away" has been covered by many bands and vocalists across the world... [including] Roy Orbison, Ike and Tina Turner, Humble Pie, Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, Neville Brothers, Michael Bolton, Ringo Starr.


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