Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Infomercial Of The Day: Tiddy Bear

A classic. Why is the bear frowning? I'd be the happiest lil' bear in the whole wide world.

They should call it Motorboatin' Bear but then people would think you could only use it on a boat.

QOTD: Song Associations

A few weeks ago I posted a music video--don't remember which one--and someone wrote that the song reminded her of her first French kiss.

How about you--do you associate specific songs with specific events in your life? If so, which songs and which events?

Outstanding ID Cards Of The Day

Mostly students, some intentionally goofy, some not. I have a couple that could go in here. I bet you do, too.

Pics from Oddee, College Humor, and more. Captions unnecessary (although I did a few anyway).

Nice try, pendejo. Fake ID fail.

Oh yeah, I know her

Wow, you've changed from last year

Did you get a haircut?

He looks familiar.


I saved the best one(s) for last. This guy kills me.

Vid Of The Day: People Are Awesome.

People are stupid. And lucky.

Posted by Samsmama.


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