Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vid Of The Day: Phone

She hates this phone!*

Probably fake but I was amused, which doesn't take much at my age.

* Obscure (?) movie reference

The 15 Worst Movies That Made The Most Money

There's no accounting for taste. Or what people do with their hard-earned money.

List and copy from Unreality.


Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny?

We'd hoped to try to stay away from sequels in this list as much as possible, because they usually make so much money by luring people who liked the older, better movies into watching them. However, the first Nutty Professor was marginal at best, and the sequel was a fatsuit farting fest that’s known today as one of the worst examples of lowest common denominator comedy.


People underestimate the appeal of the Tool Man.

What??? I was stunned to see this anywhere near the top 500 all-time grosser list, much less this high up. I guess this made so much money for the same reason Ghost Rider made $45 million it’s opening weekend--America loves motorcycles…and Tim Allen.


“Really, you’re a slave girl? I produce Entourage.”

Another craptastic big budget remake, except this one was hyped beyond belief before it was released. And really, it could have been good with Tim Burton behind the helm, but somewhere between awkward monkey face makeup and Mark Wahlberg, everything that made the original good got lost. Also, I still don’t understand the end. Why was there a monkey Abraham Lincoln?


“In seven years I’ll be out of work and you’ll be a vampire.”

Hype, hype, hype, hype, hype. That’s why this absurdly budgeted movie made any money at all. Choosing two pillars of acting like Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett probably wasn’t the best route to go, nor was choosing the make a movie about the worst battle the US ever lost. There was an hour of a good movie in here, unfortunately the damn thing lasted for three.


“What do you mean this stuff covers 75% of this planet? Who did the research for this invasion? Man, I am going to #$^#ing kill Zogbar…”

The beginning of the end for M. Night Shyamalan. His first two projects were brilliant, and even 4/5ths of this movie was, but it has to go down as one of the worst endings for a film ever written. WATER?!? What if it $@%#ing rained when the aliens attacked? Did anyone ever consider that?

(See the rest at Unreality.)

Music Vid Of The Day: Dynamite (A Capella)

He's like a one-man band, but without carrying around all that heavy shit.

Posted by Samsmama.

Dead Clowns Of The Day

Get them before they get us.

Excuse me, you can't park there.

Stucky The Dead Clown

Where's a grenade when you need one?

Spontaneous clownbustion

Nobody cares

Drown, clown

Bring back the McRib. NOW, motherfucker.

Movie Trailer of the Day

I know how much some of you like clowns. Be sure to catch this movie.


Classical Music Conductor of the Day

This kid shares my taste in clothes and lives in a tent in the dining room. Oh, and there's that other thing he does...

- Heidi Renée


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