Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Double Rainbow Copycats of the Day

You all remember the double rainbow guy, right? (What does this MEAN?)

Well, here are some fans' interpretations of the original.

- Heidi Renée

Ok, so she's not really a copycat, and she has clips of other meltdowns to prove it. Hollie just gets a tiiiiny bit emotional about sunlight passing through raindrops at the perfect angle:

News Video Of The Day: Bieber Arrested

"He will almost certainly be murdered in prison." From The Onion.

Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile

September Engrish Roundup

Become delightful time.

Why did we have this godam baby?

What's in the drink? I've got good news and bad news...

Hey! I'm shittin' here!

No walking cigarettes allowed

At least they're honest

I put my neighbor's schnauzers in there. Both of them. He'll find them, of course, since they bark every fucking minute of every fucking day.

Let's go left. What, there's no left?

Mother's getting older, so we need to help her take care of Heranus.

It's a shame Mr. Carradine didn't notice this sign on the back of his hotel room door.

Looks as appetizing as it sounds.


I hope they empty it every day. That's gonna stink.

Mengroan in the shower. You know why.

Munchies problem solved!

Okay, Mom, we'll see you and Jeepers after the flight. Give the man your bottle. Yes, you have to.

Get in the car before I run it up your ass.

Not the word you want to hear during surgery, at the dentist's office, or in the hair salon.

I'm all for getting rid of nuns with bombs, but we're gonna need the nucleus.

Too late. Try larger type next time.

Vid Of The Day: Gimme Pizza

Somebody found Mommy's percocets.

From TheMovieGuru.

Moms On Facebook (Of The Day)

My dad's on Facebook. I tried to ignore his friend request, but he got his feelings hurt, so I accepted it. Then I spent the next week untagging myself in horrible photos he posted.

Pics from Lamebook and Failbook.


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