Thursday, August 12, 2010

Non-News Story Of The Day: Horse-Boy

Fascinating. The only mystery is why this is considered news.

Reminds me of a late-breaking top story about rain that I saw on a local newscast a month or two ago. Not a storm, just some afternoon rain, but the anchors and field reporter were all quite taken by the fact that the rain -- get this -- fell for a while, then stopped without any warning at all. Then, they said, it suddenly started raining again a few minutes later. Crazy!

"Now there's something you don't see every day," said one anchor.

"Yes," agreed the incisive reporter. "And as long as it keeps up, it's going to stay wet out here."

Mystery surrounds 'horse-boy' on Google Street View

'Horse boy'on Google Street View
Mystery surrounds a man wearing a horse's head who has been captured on Google's Street View in Aberdeen.

The man -- who has become known as "horse-boy" -- can be seen in the Hardgate area of the city. The sighting has become a popular attraction on Google's service, which offers a photographic map of streets.

The man is wearing dark trousers, a purple shirt, and a brown and white horse's head.

Dozens of BBC news website users have e-mailed from across Europe to say they know who horse boy is. Others have sent in images of the mystery horse-head wearer and some have claimed to be him.

Stefan Kleen from Germany said he and a friend met horse-boy at a German festival last weekend.

He added: "He only spoke English so we didn't really talk a lot to him."

Anders Hauge reckons he has been shopping in Haugesund in Norway; John Hammond was convinced he was playing the fairways and relaxing in the bars of Marbella and Julian Sykes said he had been sighted in Cardiff.

John Ainsworth insisted he saw horse-boy in Norwich earlier in the year walking through Wensum Park. He said: "I thought I was hallucinating at first but then realised it was real."

Other readers have not been impressed with the story and some have told the website that it is not newsworthy (Thank you!) and is a prank to generate further publicity.

Gareth Remblance pointed out: "Horse boy isn't a person, it's a cheap mask - for example I saw at least three people wearing similar heads at this year's Download Festival in Donington."

A number of contributors have said that horse-boy features in other parts of Google's street view service.

Mark Coates said: "If you go down the road and turn back you can see him putting on the horse head and on the shot back up the road again he has white hair.

Best of LOTD: 8 Celebs You Don't Want To Follow In The Crapper

(An LOTD classic, rerun for the noobs.)

Imagine it. You're on an airplane, or at a fast-food restaurant or an outdoor festival. You have to pee... bad. There's one toilet or porta-potty. Someone is in it. You wait. And wait. And wait. Oh god, someone's dropping a bomb in there. But you have no choice. You gotta go. Finally they come out, and it's...


Jim's from Chicago, so you know he probably downed 4 brats and 13 Old Styles earlier in the day, and now he's just dropped them off at the pool, just for you. Enjoy.


Maggie's a vegan, and if you think vegans don't have foul dumps because they don't do meat or dairy or whateverthefuck else they don't eat (so I can), just think about what foods cause the nastiest farts. Right. Cabbage. Broccoli. Beans. Starches. Corn. Nuts. Corn and nuts.


Please. Don't you know that every time Sasquatch drops a load on that gay cruise ship of hers, its speed immediately drops by 2.4 knots and it lists discernibly to starboard. Then I bet she comes out, triumphant, and, because she fancies herself a comedian, exclaims, "Hoo, I just lost 4 pounds!"


Frat boy. Beer. Nachos. Cigs. Oysters. Tequila shots. Hot wings. You and I both know that VV can destroy any bathroom of any size, so whether it's a porta-let or the 40-seater at Mandalay Bay casino where he's pinching his megaloaf, you'll be peeing with one hand on your pecker and the other holding your nose so no blood gets on your shirt.


She's Canadian. Their shit smells funny, a nose-offending blend of maple syrup and Moosehead. Then you got Alanis in there, probably tokin' up and taking her sweet time while she pens another shitty tune. Isn't it ironic.. that you stink.


I pity the fool.


Tiny little actress, but don't be fooled by her diminutive size. Ever smelled a Chihuahua turd? A dense little torpedo whose size belies its destructive powers. That's Linda in a buttshell.. I mean, nutshell.


Ever smelled a Klingon dump? Me neither, although I had the opportunity a few years ago at the Inman Park Festival in Atlanta. I went to a porta-potty that was occupied, so I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. fffuck, this is NOT GOOD... and finally, out steps a Klingon. I kid you not. No way in hell I was going in there, so I peed in the bushes.

Ride Of The Day (NSFW)

I think she enjoyed the ride. Her boyfriend doesn't quite know how to take her reaction.


Crazy-Ass Beyotch Of The Day: McNuggets (Video)

Remember this story from January? The security tape footage was just released, and it is AWESOME!

Thanks, Daisy, for the link.

JANUARY 4 (The Smoking Gun) -- Meet Melodi Dushane.

Angered that Chicken McNuggets were not available at an Ohio McDonald's, the Toledo woman allegedly put her fist through the eatery's drive-thru window. The January 1 McNuggets rage incident resulted in Dushane, 24, being arrested for felony vandalism and booked into the Lucas County jail, where the below mug shot was snapped.

According to a Toledo Police Department report, Dushane pulled up to the drive-thru window Friday at 6:20 AM and ordered "Chicken McNuggets and other dinner items." When informed that McDonald's stopped serving dinner selections at 2:30 AM, Dushane began arguing with employee Melissa Vasquez.

At one point, Dushane "leaned out of her car, into the window, and punched Vazquez in her mouth,"cops reported. When night manager Tia Walker appeared at the window, Dushane took a swing at her, prompting a tussle. When the women separated, Dushane "then punched the drive through window, breaking it" and sending glass flying everywhere.

Dushane, next due in court on January 28, has been ordered to stay away from the fast food outlet.

The video (no audio):


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