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I forgot these yesterday because I took my kid to Six Flags and came home exhausted, sunburned, soaking wet and sore as hell. Someone do the humane thing and shoot me. Please? I'll pay you.

Thanks for clicking.

12 Best Test Answers of All Time

“Mad Men” Smoking Montage

5 Best (and 5 Worst) TV & Film Actor Switcheroos

USC Forgets To Subtract Reggie Bush

12 First Posts From Influential Websites

Toy Story Inception Mashup

7 Types Of Cleavage (Of The Day) (NSFW-ish)

How do I love thee, cleavage? Let me count the ways. Actually, The Frisky counted the ways, but toe, back and elbow cleavage don't count, so their 10 becomes seven here.


A low-cut top + a push-up bra = magically hypnotizing boobage. Feast your eyes on those bad boys! But be careful not to wave them in front of a baby or they’ll take the feast part of that expression literally … especially if you rack it up like Salma Hayek.


Visible thanks to large arm holes, no shirt, or string bikinis and popularized by models like Crystal Renn and celebuskanks like Lindsay Lohan, the side boob is a rare, celebrated form of cleave. It takes a skinny beyotch with big cans and a bad attitude to pull it off.


The underdog of cleavage, it bares the seldom seen bottom half of your usual rack. This cleave is more about bralessness than creating a valley of knockers. Under-boob was first brought into the light by ‘80s crops tops. Ah, those were the days! Or were they?


Like muffin top and back boobies, this titillation comes from ill-fitting clothing. It’s the cleavage that is merely over-spillage caused by a too-tight bra. Her cup runneth over, hence she has a bit o’ boob popping.


In some cases, cleavage can be formed and maximized by position. Folding your arms, lying on one side, leaning forward, shrugging your shoulders, grabbing ‘em in both hands, these moves are all tricks of the titty trade.


Thanks to science, we can have all kinds of things we weren’t born with, including cleavage
created by gel inserts. This boob show follows the immortal words of Axl Rose, “Use Your Illusion,” and rock it!


The other lovely lady lumps—a.k.a. the coin slot. Low-rise jeans have given rise to the cheekiest form of cleavage.

News Story Of The Day: Orange Soda

I can think of plenty of reasons to assault someone who works at Chili's, but orange soda isn't one of them. How many brands are there? I only know Sunkist and Fanta, and I haven't seen Fanta in years. Nehi, perhaps?

Link from Mecca -- the person, not the place.

Orange Soda Rampage

July 20, 2010 ( -- A man is behind bars in Oklahoma City after going a rampage in a restaurant.

Police say 24-year old Dejaun Jarrett attacked a waitress at the Chili's on Northwest Highway after she told him they didn't have his favorite brand of orange soda.

Jarrett knocked the waitress down and started running around the restaurant. Officers eventually tracked him down at a nearby car dealership.

Police suspect the incident may have had something to do with drug use. Jarrett faces a list of charges.

The waitress wasn't hurt.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Wildman

I always wondered what happened to Marshall Tucker.

From Juicy Trixx.

anchorage craigslist > personals > men seeking women

Wildman Of Willow Seeks Mate For LTR & More - 43 (Willow)

Date: 2010-07-22, 5:02PM AKDT

I have half a bottle of Patrone Premium Sipping Tequila and would like to invite you over for a few drinks.

Must meet at a neutral place so I can determine if you are a serial killer or not..............then we can go to my place.

Big Bear

P.S. 420 Friendly

image 1857996633-0

Vid Of The Day: Unhappy Groom

He went absconding, mon. Always the bad sign.

Google Search Terms That Bring People Here, Vol. 4

A few of the things people are searching for when they land here. Be afraid. I am.

what are stars on little house on prairie doing
bigest penis
brian bonsall
mullet inbreed
miserable dog cartoon
cleavage showing dresses
hot milfs
ford pinto nissan cube blowup
glamour shots pre teen
big high top fade
how to shave your ass
megalodon shark attack
world of warcraft nacked
sex cack
tapir dick
is old man strut that ass still living
women with a midget
sexual sounding car parts

cats that look like stalin
bigest penis
brian bonsall
mullet inbreed
miserable dog cartoon
ford pinto nissan cube blowup
glamour shots pre teen
big high top fade
ron jeremy action fig
holy shit
facebook asian brother revenge

rolling stone's haircut
fat woman charlie where are your shirt
sex cack
tapir dick
embarassing bulge
billboar 1974

is old man strut that ass still living
hose beast
"i have the pretiest mother everybody thinks so"

ass gaz porno smell
women with a midget
sexual sounding car parts

boobs blindfolded
full naked
lisa simpsons cameltoe
female married masturbation
where to buy steven segal emotion chart
list of movies based on plot
celeberty cameltoe

fat buck teeth girl with pig tales
black midget

chewbacca tattoo
movie that has alot of plot twist

math jokes

vandalized bp signs
little rascals shrimp for a day
miss peggy
trya banks blowjog
funny bible verses
cats that look like hitler
ace graffiti
craigslist ladybugs
claussen pickles
big famous muffs
ugly cars
the voices of family guy
julia caesar
dodge st. regis
what an epistomy look like
rick hilton
is there a statue with a vagina

40 and still hot
face like a horse
ER guest stars
bjork worst dressed
keratosis pilaris butt
facehugger porn
maria sharapova crotch
narwhal head
les diaoliques
german pick up lines
cash bar at mccartney wedding
funny words for willy
smell fart fetish
dropped collapsed wedding cakes
because nobody should have to squeal like a pig


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