Monday, June 28, 2010 Links Of The Day

You click, I live another day. Thank you.

6 Worst Viral Marketing Attempts

6 Funny Food Network Chef Vids

World's Most Interesting Intern Makes Boastful Rap Video at Cisco

And, as an added bonus, here's one that's not from, but our own Samsmama.

Andy's Freshman Year Of College (Toy Story 3) (NSFW)

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Inception

Yeah, I'll be seeing this. Looks amazing. I'm not a big Leo fan but I'm definitely a Christopher Nolan fan.

Thanks, DRSJF, for the link.

SNL Commercial Of The Day: Brownie

With or without nuts.

Unfortunate Word Verifications of the Day

We all giggle when we get a funny word verification, right? I once got one that said, "balless," which amused me more than it should have.

Here's a list of some truly unfortunate "Captchas." (Did you know they were called that? I sure didn't.)

Pics from Supertremendous, commentary by me, Bev.

Much better than the alternative.

A chapter from the beloved children's classic,
"Mr. Toad Visits The Proctologist."

Somebody saw today's Motivational Poster, I see.

This would make a good rapper name.

Pimps to the left of me, Ho's to the right?

Anyone else, sure, but no Dick. He sucks.

Right? Frugging Kenyans! Make me so mad!

I'm sure they meant roosters.

Together we can make "Great Caesar's Erection!" a hip
new expression.
C'mon, who's with me?

I love how the letters are at a jaunty angle.
After all, boobies are fun & zany!

See all 20 of them here.

What's the best Captcha you've ever gotten?

Creepiest Kids' Book Author Photos Of The Day



Think twice about handing off a copy of The Giving Tree to a precocious tot; it's one of the few classic children's tomes still in print to feature a giant, frightening visage of its owner on the back cover. We're not sure if Shel just got out of prison, or if he just smelled onions.


Current printings of Where the Wild Things Are have removed the author photo of Sendak -- a wise move. The man is absolutely terrifying, and he's still as cantankerous as ever. In a recent interview, when asked whether or not he had anything to say to parents who find Wild Things too unsettling for children, Sendak said they could "go to hell."


From the looks of the slightly uncomfortable Stine, a working title for his Goosebumps series could have been "Moley Moles." We're sure R.L.'s a nice (albeit unsmiling) guy and all, but giant moles are plenty scary to 7-year-olds. Can't...look...away...


It's one thing to hop on Pop; it's another thing altogether to hunt and kill the creatures you created for your own amusement, then display their heads as trophies. That's our only explanation for what transpired here. The man was a doctor of death, apparently.


We sincerely hope that's the daughter of the famous Winnie the Pooh creator seated on his lap. "Oh bother," indeed.


The rumored white supremacist could've based Slugworth from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on his own likeness. Why so glum, chum? This must be the face of a man who spent a lifetime without candy. We hear his next book in the Charlie series was to be called Charlie Runs Out for a Pack of Smokes.


We'll cut the Jungle Book author some slack on his lack of a cheery countenance, since this shot was taken during an era when photographs were believed to steal part of your soul. But damn, what's up with those eyebrows?

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Commercial of the Day: Auction

Going...GOING...GONE! (from Daisy)


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