Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Caption This" Photo Of The Day

Too easy?


Classic Commercial Of The Day: Ty-D-Bowl

From Wendy in VA, who says, "This is why I was terrified of the bathroom when I was little. I was afraid he could see my butt."

Guess what, Wendy? He could see your butt. Why else would a Cap'n Pervo here hang out in the crapper?

Vid Of The Day: Betty White

Do not fuck with Betty White.

Internet Relic Of The Day

I was channel-surfing the other night, saw this and laughed.

I didn't laugh because it's funny (it was, the first time I saw it, like, 600 years ago). I laughed because it's ancient, one of the first things Al Gore put on the internet right after he invented it back in 1492 or 1815 or whenever it was. And yet, here's a comedian on TV in 2010, talking about funny web bits, and he offers this was among his selections, freshly discovered on the intrawebs by him and his crack staff and presented without one shred of irony. His audience laughed, too, but most of them probably didn't even know where they were, who they were, or what century it is.

Now, I post some old shit sometimes, but at least I know it's old shit. This guy cackled and mugged like he'd just discovered some long-lost "Laugh In" scripts. FAIL.

First one to guess who the comedian was gets a prize.

Mother's Day Pics Post

You spoke, and it's on: our third annual Mother's Day picture post. If you want to be included, send your pic to listoftheday@yahoo.com and reference Mother's Day in the subject, please.

Pics can be you, your kids, your mom, your grandmom, some or all of the above, whatever. I'm not picky as long as the photo is mom-related. Guys, I can post your moms or wives, too, if you like.

If you were in last year's post and want me to reuse that pic, that's cool -- just let me know.

One small request: please e-mail pictures rather than sending them through Facebook. (And if you want me to use a Facebook photo, please send it to me rather than making me find it in your photo albums.)

Thanks. The post will be up some time Sunday morning.

Photoshop FAILS Of The Day

Some are obvious, some not.

Most are from Photoshop Disasters.

Can we borrow your head for a sec?

Hey, removing limbs doesn't count!

He's melting!

Give her a (giant) hand. She just bowled another perfect game.

If that horse doesn't win, shoot it.

Tattoine's best cocktail bar

Oops, I crapped my pants. With milk.

Artelac -- for fast, effective appendage regeneration

But first, fill 'er up!

Clothespins sold separately

I felt like Jesus was with me on that beach

I look at Penelope's neck and I hear that cartoon stretching sound effect (which I couldn't find or I'd link it)

Drink this big-ass beer!

And Kristen Bell as Gumby.

Blow it out your ass, Jacques!

That Margot - always jawin' about something.

Maybe she's double-jointed

That's just fuckin' creepy

We call this cut the Linda Blair.

"The client wants another man and a minority in the ad, and he wants it by noon."


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