Thursday, April 8, 2010

Classic 80s Music Vid Of The Day: Genius

Ah, yes. Cool song. I have a story from college about this song. I wish I could tell it.

Buy it:

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Avatar 2

From the Aussie show, Hungry Beast, so I guess I'll let Oz off the hook for Air Supply.

WTF? FOLOTD Dream Of The Day

I got this e-mail from Wendy in VA:

So I had a random dream that I was out at some beach bar and bumped into your wife. She told me that you considered yourself a one-name celeb and pronounced your name "kuh-ray" and did not allow regular people to directly look at you.

I have no clue where that came from but it gave me the snickers.

I laughed, too. But I had to ask if she really thought of me as a diva, because I certainly don't feel like one. Her reply:

Diva, no. Sassy bitch, YES! ;)

Did she mind if I posted about it?

Sure you can make a post about it, Kuh-ray.

News Story Of The Day: Fart Fetish

I guess it's freak day on LOTD.

From The Smoking Gun.

Fetish Friendship Turns Foul

APRIL 8 -- In a police report that reads as if it was written for the Howard Stern show, an Oklahoma man who enjoys "the sound and smell of farts" has told cops that he was sexually assaulted by a man he met online.

As detailed in an Oklahoma City Police Department report, the men met in a chat room in February and subsequently exchanged a series of sexually charged text messages. The 27-year-old victim told investigators that he was lonely and was seeking to "make friends that had the same fetish for 'farts.'"

However, when the pair met ten days ago, the victim claims that he was forced to engage in a variety of sexual acts while in the suspect's bedroom.

The encounter ended, the victim said, when the man told him, "My mom is going to get up and go to work soon, so you need to go."

Police have not made an arrest in connection with the alleged incident.

Asked why he still met with the suspect after receiving the lewd text messages "if he did not want to do any of it," the victim answered that he "thought they could just 'fart' and be friends."

SNL Vid Of The Day: Translator

My daughter will need one of these very soon.

WTF?! Flickr Groups Of The Day (NSFW)

A small sampling of some of the special perversion interest photo groups available to you on They really do have something for everyone.

Now drop to your knees and pray for the human race.

(Yes, these are real, and the quotes in italics are from the group pages themselves.)

"Hate them so much you can't help but look?"

"Nothing over 4". Over 4" makes us jealous."

"Pretty crossdressed feet, shoes, pantyhose, legs, etc."

"This is not the 'crap in toilets' group. No feces..."

"Bush or armpits must be visible!" Do we get to vote?

1 for nasty, 2 for wrinkled, 3 for hairy, etc.

Not really anonymous anymore, are they?

"Take a seat and enjoy the girl next to you."

"Big natural breasts of mommy's or potential mommy's..." Well that narrows it down.

"Midgets, dwarves, dolls, clowns, creeps, pinheads and geeks!"

"Please, use your power for good, not for evil."

"Here in Brazil they have big butt and great curves."

Just not on my feet, please.

"Wives who spank their husbands are especially welcome."

"Foxy grandmas getting wild, yas em."

"No smooth asses."

How many of them are named Eileen?

"All about the sensuality of a woman peeing in her pantyhose or panties."

"Hello, suckers!"


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