Monday, April 5, 2010

Classic Comedy Clip Of The Day: Felt Up

Sixteen Candles FTW. I love this movie.

News Of The Day: NJ Woman Wants To Be World's Fattest

New Jersey has fat people?

Link from Mike, Harmony and the New York Post.

New Jersey woman striving to weigh 1,000 pounds, become world's fattest lady


Dream big!

A New Jersey woman, who now tips the scales at 604 pounds, said it’d be a "fantasy" to gobble her way to fame and someday weigh 1,000 pounds.

"When you have a 3-year-old daughter and you’re trying to run a household, things like this tend to be a fantasy," Simpson told The Post today.

The 42-year-old Old Bridge resident insists she has no realistic hopes of ever making 1,000 pounds, but will try her best to consume, wolf, munch and devour her way to hog heaven.

It’s such a hefty task, that Simpson would have to consume Jets coach Rex Ryan — 350 pounds before his stomach-staple surgery this past weekend — just to get close.

James Ambler / Barcroft  USADonna Simpson, who wears XXXXXXXL clothing, eats McDonald's takeout  at her home in Old Bridge, NJ.

This whole thousand-pound goal has gotten blown way out of proportion," Simpson said of her pie-in-the-sky dreams. "This is a fantasy of mine. It’s not reality, yet everyone takes this and runs with it."

Simpson claims she only wants to be recognized as the heaviest woman to ever give birth. She weighed 532 pounds in 2007 when her daughter Jacqueline was born.

A rep for the Guinness World Record said there is no category for biggest birth mom, but the UK-based outfit has received paperwork from Simpson — asking to be named biggest to give birth and heaviest living woman. Guinness is thinking about creating a biggest birth mom category and considering Simpson’s application to be named largest living woman.

(Story continues here)

Music Vid Of The Day: Take It Easy/Benny Lava

If you liked Benny Lava, you'll like this one, too. From Carter Jade.

March Engrish Roundup

Engrish. Do you speak it?

Also known as Chorus

"Best salon in town." -- Mel Gibson

Unwashed nuts usually do

Come bummed, leave happy

Sometimes it's the little things, isn't it?

I am ziti. Fear me!

It's the last snack you'll ever have. Make it count.

That Don -- he forget everything.

We picked the rong phukin' place to eat

You'd better not get any of that happiness in my hair

George Washington shat here.

Got any that don't speak?

::: Applause :::

Yours will fit in one of the compact spaces

Street name: blumpkin

Don't they all?

I'm guessing this isn't one of those Life Is Good shirts


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