Monday, March 29, 2010

Vid Of The Day: "Lost" a la Saul Bass

Way cool. Saul who?

Vid Of The Day: Boobies & Kittens (NSFW-ish)

Now you're talkin'.

Guest Quiz Of The Day: Three Actors, One Role

A fine time-waster for movie lovers from your pal and mine, Elliott.

Some characters are timeless. Like Urkel. Some are so timeless, real or fictional, that more than one actor has portrayed the character historically. I believe the record I found was Santa Claus: over 600 actors have played the right jolly old elf in the history of film.

Here's a list of three actors who have played one common role. Can you guess the role? To make life a little more difficult, several actors show up more than once. Because they are, after all, actors.

1: Peter Cushing, John Pertwee, David Tennant

2: Ethan Embry, Johnny Galecki, Anthony Michael Hall

3: Dean Cain, Christopher Reeve, George Reeves

4: Barbara Stanwyk, Elizabeth Berridge, Ethel Merman

5: Val Kilmer, Robert Lowery, Michael Keaton

6: Kevin Costner, Robert Stack, Tom Amandes

7: Kurt Russell, Shaun Weiss, Bruce Campbell

8: George Lazenby, David Niven, Timothy Dalton

9: Kirk Douglas, Val Kilmer, Douglas Fowley

10: Burt Lancaster, Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell

11: Edward Hermann, Alan Cumming, Jon Voight

12: Sean Bean, Ivor Salter, Kirk Douglas

13: Milla Jovovich, Jane Wiedlin, Ingrid Bergman

14: Janet Brown, Steve Nallon, Sylvia Syms

15: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia de Havilland

16: Bengt Ekerut, David Carradine, Orson Welles

17: Cary Elwes, Kevin Costner (again), Red Skelton

18: Peter Cook, Elizabeth Hurley, Max von Sydow

19: Jeanne Moreau, Greta Garbo, Dita von Teese

20: Sarah Bernhardt, Cate Blanchett, Miranda Richardson

Answers later

Classic Movie Clip Of The Day: Spinal Tap

Oh, it's the zipper.

17 Specialty Dating Sites Of The Day

There really is someone for everyone, I guess. Almost. Some of us are still waiting for

Tagline: "It's all about the 'stache."

Clientele: Men with quality lip fur and the women who love to brush up against it. Apparently, there aren't so many. The site has slightly less than 700 members.

Our take: Mustaches are making a comeback. And though they may never reach their mid-'80s, Tom Selleck and Keith Hernandez level of popularity, we can see this as a growing trend in niche dating.

(See the rest on

Refreshingly Direct Sign Of The Day: Showers

No beating around the bush here. Or in the showers. I wonder what "semen-related costs" are, exactly? No, on second thought, I don't wanna know.

From Bev.

WTF? Music Video Of The Day: Paloma

How does a song like this get made? Seriously. A band sits around brainstorming and someone -- I'm guessing the recorder player -- says, hey, I have the idea for a song with a lot of recorder solos and other lame shit in it, and everyone says, oh yeah, that sounds like the bomb-diggity?

On the other hand, if the legendary Slim Whitman covers your tune, you must be doing something right.

Btw I once had glasses just like the drummer's. The girls threw themselves at me. With explosives strapped to their bodies.

From Jody.


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