Monday, March 1, 2010

Music Video Of The Day: Я очень рад

Оригинальный клип. Исполняет Эдуард Хиль. And I couldn't agree more.

This is one of those vids that instantly lifts your mood. Enjoy.

PIc Of The Day: Mt. Rushmore

As seen from Canada. A fitting view for you canuckleheads.

Pic from Tom Kane.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Average Sex

best of craigslist > montreal >

Looking for an average guy for average sex

Date: 2009-10-29, 4:57PM EDT

Keep your supersized genitalia, washboard abs and hyperactive stamina away. Don't even send me a pic of your penis.

I'm a pretty enough woman, a little extra padding now bikini season is over. I'm not waxed like a barbie doll or some deep throating goddess so move on if that's what you're looking for.

Let's just do it like an old married couple alright (however if you're married or in a committed relationship of any sort, don't bother me. If you've ever experimented with men, I'm also not interested).

I lie there maybe watch the tube. You stick it in, suck my nipples and get your rocks off. Then we both fall asleep without talking and maybe do it again in the morning... maybe. Could be a regular thing.

If this interests you and you're between the ages of 35-50, send me a message that doesn't make you seem like some sex crazed horndog, brain damaged, or both.

PostingID: 1443322973

Commercial Of The Day: Cheese

Don't flip out. No animals were hurt in the making of this spot -- although I wish they were. I loathe rodents. I don't typically enjoy killing things, but I have no problem taking a shovel to any rodent that enters my basement. One time I hit one with a glancing blow and needed 4-5 more whacks to finish him off. That was pleasant. Who knew a rat could squeal so much? Or make such a mess? Another time my wife talked me into buying one of those Have-A-Heart traps, and we caught a rat with it, but then I was like, well NOW what? I wasn't going to release him back in the wild. Don't ask what I did with it. You don't want to know.

From Prairie Girl.

Complaint Letters Of The Day

Rude toll collectors in New Jersey? Get out!

From The Smoking Gun.

On the following pages you'll find an entertaining selection of complaint letters sent to turnpike officials by motorists who ran into assorted trouble when trying to pay their way on the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike. More than 550 letters--covering the past 18 months and addressing a variety of types of complaints--were filed.

See more here.

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day: Born

I want to shoot him in the face. Does that make me a bad person? But then he'd have a new hit single: "Born To Have My F**king Face Blown Off."


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