Friday, February 5, 2010

LOTD Classic Of The Day: Josey (NSFW)

I like to rerun this one every six months or so for the n00bs. A spot I did 100 years ago for TBS.

Pics Of The Day: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Yes, of course. Why didn't I think of it?

See more here.

Lovesick Douchewad Of The Day (video)

If you like his singing, wait until you see him dance. (From

2010 Oscar Snubs Of The Day

Readers of chime in on who they think wuz robbed of Oscar noms this year. I'm with them on The Hangover and Star Trek, but to say that the Academy doesn't like Clint Eastwood is ridiculous. He's gotten more acclaim as a director than he ever deserved, IMO (Mystic River, anyone? Pure shite). Not that I care one fart about awards or awards shows.


Julianne Moore being shut out of a [supporting actress] nomination in favor of Cruz and Gyllenhaal was a travesty. Gyllenhaal was the single worst thing about Crazy Heart: I didn't believe a minute of her performance (and her Southern accent was as laughable as Gerard Butler's ''American'' one). And Cruz seemed to be coasting on the fumes of her Vicky Cristina Barcelona win last year. —amielle


Dear Academy of Voting for the Oscars: I understand that it's rare to nominate a comedy for any Oscar, but you could've thrown The Hangover a bone or two. No Best Supporting Actor nomination for Zach Galifianakis or Best Original Song nomination for ''Stu's Song'' by Ed Helms? It's not like it was the highest grossing [R-rated] comedy...of all time, right? Oh wait, it was. —Kerri


I honestly would have put Where the Wild Things Are in so many categories including: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (little Max Records), Best Costume Design (HELLO, 6-foot-tall hairy creations anyone??), Best Adapted Screenplay (who else would dare adapt a 12-page children's book into a feature film?), and Best Song. —katie


No costume nom for Public Enemies? *scratches head* —kh


They didn't recognize Clint Eastwood [for Best Director] again! The Academy is so biased against him! First Gran Torino and now Invictus! You have got to be kidding me!!! —jessica


I regret that Robert Downey Jr. didn't get recognized [with a Best Actor nom] for Sherlock Holmes. I loved his performance. George Clooney was good in Up in the Air, but not exceptional. —Ellen


2012 got snubbed for Best Visual Effects. Crap movie — but you'd think that category, at least, would be a given. —Rob G.

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My Kid's Passive-Aggressive Note Of The Day

My daughter went home from school yesterday with a friend. When my wife arrived to pick her up, the kid wanted to stay, of course, but it was almost dinnertime and she had homework to do, so they left. My child was not happy about this.

"They're doing fun stuff and we're just going home," she whined.

Says Mom, "If you get your homework done, we can do something fun after dinner."

"Like what? There's NOTHING fun to do at our house!!"

"Oh well, maybe you'll think of something."

She did. Not long after they got home, my child presented her mother this list of things they could do for fun. I guess #13 was a last-minute add-on, so they washed the dogs after dinner.

January Engrish Roundup

Good times from

The fork can be tricky. Just be patient and don't force it.

Procrastinators welcome!

You never know. It's a long ride. You might get bored.


Hmm, well, at least you got the nine heads thing going for ya.

Thanks for not sugarcoating it.

In other words

Jenny from the brock

Is that a question?

The foreign version of Sleepless In Seattle

Dr. Payne, DDS

Your headquarters for sweats, house slippers and gin

Makes it fluffy

The shrimp fought to the bitter end, but the deep fryer prevailed

Is what leads to a big dump in vegetable and fork

Can do


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