Thursday, December 10, 2009

Commercial Of The Day: HJ (NSFW)

From Bev. A shock, that.

Thanks for the handjob, Bev!

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Apostrophe's

best of craigslist > seattle >

wanted: girl's who know how to use apostrophe's

Date: 2009-10-02, 12:20PM PDT

If you like party's, event's, photo shoot's, and bicycle's, but don't know that plural word's don't require apostrophe's, then please contact me before any posting's. I will gladly proofread so I don't have to read another mis-apostrophed ad in search for a gig that better fit's me.


PostingID: 1403256967

Vid Of The Day: Bloody Mary

From Emmi.

Christmas Turd Of The Day (video)

Another bowl-choker that several of you requested. Okay, not requested, but mentioned how much you hate it, which is as good as a request.


Holiday Card FAILs Of The Day

These don't really need captions. Yes, I realize some are purposely bad, but thanks in advance for keeping me straight.

The Sox fan is a mannequin they stole from The Sports Authority.

We Three Queens

Remembering the children Daddy ate this year

This one's animated. Click the pic.


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