Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ugly-Ass Dogs Of The Day

U-G-L-Y, they ain't got no alibi...

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Taking Chance

Ok, so I completely brain-farted on Veterans Day yesterday, which bums me out because I have a deep respect for the military men and women who serve this country, a respect that supersedes any feelings I might have about the conflicts in which they serve.

Last night I saw this movie on HBO and it got me right here (taps chest). It's a very simple movie, with little dialogue and no big action scenes or sweeping musical cues, but it's as powerful a movie as any I've ever seen. Even though it deals with a subject that none of us likes to think about, it does so in an honorable and ultimately positive way, focusing on the good in people, not political statements. If you have HBO or Netflix, I encourage you to watch it, but have some tissues at the ready.

I'm moderating comments because stuff like this tends to bring out the trolls.

Video Of The Day: The Golden Age Of Video

This is cool. Some of the clip choices are odd, some of the bites are hard to understand, and someone has a huge boner for Bill Murray... but this is cool.


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