Monday, November 9, 2009

Movie Trailer Of The Day: The Sims Horror Movie

I've never played any Sims games, so this made little sense to me, but it got a buttload of "Likes" on College Humor, so here ya go, gamer nerds.*

* I've played tons of videogames in my day, just not this one, so calling you nerds is really hypocritical of me. I'm sorry.

Ok, I'm not really sorry.

Divorce Cakes Of The Day

From Sheila and

Non-edible, made from actual divorce papers

See more at

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

Well, ok then....

Further proof that the 80s were a drag. Heh. Drag. Get it?

From Seth.

Psychotic Athlete Of The Day (video)

There's being competitive, and then there's this. I'm so glad they brought in an Olympian to tell us she was out of line.

Know who would kick this chick's ass? That former blogger we all know and love whose name rhymes with Datter Of Nact Pommy. She plays soccer, and would take this crazy git to the mat.

Links Of The Day

Playing catch-up on your great submissions.

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