Tuesday, October 27, 2009

News Story Of The Day: Mini-Cars Stolen

This is just all kinds of wrong. What kind of person steals from defenseless Shriners? And what exactly is a Shriner, anyway? I thought they rode little mini-bikes.

Sigh. The end times are upon us, people.

Thanks, Tom, for this hot breaking story from WXIA 11 Alive, Atlanta.

Burglars Steal Atlanta Shriners' Little Parade Cars

EAST POINT, Ga. -- In the world of burglary and thievery, stealing the Shriners' little cars just might be as heinous as someone stealing Bozo's big, red, rubber nose from his circus dressing room, or stealing Santa's sleigh just before his annual debut at the Mall parking lot.

"I just couldn't believe it," said a heart-broken Shriner, Primis James of Atlanta's Nabbar Temple, Monday night. "Who in the world would want to take these cars?"

But someone did steal the Shriners' little cars -- those go-carts you see Shriners driving around in circles, in parades. Someone stole seven of the ten cars that members of the Shriners' Nabbar Temple have been driving in parades all across the country.

"We've been doing this for 20 years. So this means a whole lot to me.... These cars are near and dear to me. These cars mean so much to me."

Primis James said his Motor Unit had always garaged the go-carts, which look like Indy high-performance racers, in a storage unit in East Point. And the cars have always been safe, until now.

Burglars broke into 30 storage units at Extra Space Storage on Lakewood Ave. in East Point last week, including the Shriners' unit, and stole seven of the cars. They returned Sunday night to steal the remaining three, but East Point police spotted the burglars, and they got away empty handed.

The three remaining cars are now in an undisclosed location. And the Shriners are in a state of disbelief and sadness, unsure of how they'll bounce back.

Onion Video Of The Day: Halloween Costumes

"This one's also a good costume for what I call a prancer."

From The Onion.

Jack-O-Lanterns Of The Day

Some are funny. Some are cool. Some are bizarro. All from Flickr.

Cannibal Pumpkin

Turtle Pumpkin


Albino Stormtrooper Pumpkin

Say "trick or treat" one more time!

Pumpkin Killer.... qu'est que c'est...

Not Stayin' Alive

Yoda says, WTF is up with my head?


Cannibal Pumpkin 2




Spider pumpkin?

Bob, The Enzyte Pumpkin


The better to eat you with, grandmother

Alien Fetus Pumpkin



Jacko-Lantern. You knew it was coming.

Celebrity Halloween Party Photo Of The Day

LOTD reader Cissy ran into Madonna at a Halloween party Friday night. Neither of them dressed up, but they still had fun.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Need Help With Halloween Costume

So wrong.. but I can't stop laughing. Click the pic for a better view.

From Cam.

Vid Of The Day: Reporter Violated

God bless live TV. From Funny Or Die.


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