Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photos Of The Day: ROLCats

I got a kick out of these "English translations of Eastern Bloc LOLCats." The site has more, but sadly, no updates since April.

Kool-Aid Drinker Of The Day (video)

This is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, so I guess Kool-Aid Server is more accurate. I've seen other people act just like this after trying to use Windows Vista, but they usually throw stuff, too.

On the other hand, Steve's worth about $11 billion, so I guess he can pretty much do whatever he wants and doesn't give a shit if anyone thinks he's a hopelessly white, pudgy, obnoxious balding moron.

Classic Politically Incorrect Movie Scene Of The Day: Airplane!

I still laugh at this. Forgive me. I also laugh at Stuff White People Like, if that helps.

How the actors came up with their dialogue.

12 Hard-To-Find Toys For Kids

Funnies from Mandy.


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