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Vid Of The Day: The Ackbar Show


20 Bad Romantic Comedies Of The Day

At first I thought 20 was a typo. Surely there are at least 200 bad romantic comedies. That would've made a long list, though. Half of these I've never even heard of. That's not to say I don't appreciate a chick flick when it's good (Sense & Sensibility, for example). Most of them are shit, though, and by the way, who told Kate Hudson she was leading lady material? Bitch, pleeeeeeeeeease.



It's an overused knock to say a bad comedy reminds you of a bad sitcom, but it's hard to think of a bad comedy that better fits the ''bad sitcom'' description than Must Love Dogs. Diane Lane plays a lady looking for love; John Cusack is a canoe-builder who fits the bill; and they (along with the rest of the cast, including Christopher Plummer and Elizabeth Perkins) give off the vibe of being way too smart for this kind of material. —Gregory Kirschling


If a man had directed this horrible sequel, he could've been rightly roasted as a total pig. But Beeban Kidron — a woman! — directed it, and so it's kind of mystifying how much she goes in for humiliating her leading lady. RenĂ©e Zellweger as Bridget looks bad, and the nadir is probably when the movie has her skydive into a pig sty. No, wait — the nadir is when the movie inexplicably sends Bridget to a Thai prison for the torturous final reel. —Gregory Kirschling

P.S. I LOVE YOU (2007)

Dear P.S. I Love You,

You were based on a best-selling book that was beloved by readers. You had an intriguing plotline. Yet you still managed to mess up, no doubt thanks to questionable casting. (Hilary Swank doing pratfalls? No thank you).

Please forgive us if we RSVP ''no'' for a second viewing.

Kate Ward


We were stoked for Vince Vaughn's next outing after his hilarious turn in the raunchtastic Wedding Crashers. But instead of marital bliss, we left feeling like we'd eaten some rotten wedding cake. The Break-Up proved that funny man + love does not a romantic comedy necessarily make. Sure, there were a few laugh out loud moments (Tone Rangers, anyone?), but Gary (Vaughn) and Brooke's (Jennifer Aniston) non-stop bickering and childish mind games weren't funny. They were downright depressing. —Amy Wilkinson


Even the promise of rom-com heavyweight Matthew McConaghey failed to launch audiences into seats for this movie, about a thirtysomething man whose parents hire a woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) to surreptitiously force him to move out of their home. —Jean Bentley


As if your own in-laws weren't punishment enough: Watching Jane Fonda boss around daughter in law Jennifer Lopez was almost as painful as that time we sat through Gigli. —Jean Bentley

MR. WRONG (1996)

As we know now, any guy would have been Mr. Wrong for Ellen DeGeneres. When this film was released, she wasn't out yet, but her squirmy discomfort at having to swoon over creepy Bill Pullman was evident. —Gary Susman

THE EX (2006)

In this misguided comedy, Zach Braff plays a cook who's forced to work for his wife's jerky ex-boyfriend (Jason Bateman), who just happens to be handicapped. Wheelchair gags ensue. There's a reason some critics called the film Braff's Gigli. —Kate Ward


Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst hurled one heckuva fault with this sleepy rom-com about a washed-up tennis star who falls for an up-and-comer. —Kate Ward

ALEX & EMMA (2003)

Cuban thugs torch his laptop and will kill romance novelist Alex (Luke Wilson) if he doesn't cough up $100K. So the writer hires Emma (Kate Hudson) to take dictation on his ''brilliant'' novel. But brilliant is Alex's description of his prose, which they act out, demonstrating how painfully sub-Harlequin it actually is. Oh, and they fall in love. —Ari Karpel

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Why Moms Don't Belong On Facebook

I'm about three months too late on this one, but on the off chance you missed it...

I wish it were real but I seriously doubt it. It's too good. Click the pics for an easier read.

Classic SNL Clip Of The Day: Hedley & Wyche

A one-note joke, but I still laughed. I also just polished off a King Cobra 40 for lunch, so who knows.

Photo Of The Day: Patrick, Interrupted

I've seen a couple of these floating around, but this is my favorite.

From Seth.

Classic 80s Music Videos Of The Day

Three songs I put on a CD of favorites for my kid when she was 4. We still listen to it.

Celebrity Muppet Lookalikes Of The Day

From Begmuffin and TMZ.

Gonzo & Adrien Brody

Sam The Eagle & Brad Garrett

Janice & Donatella Versace

Crazy Harry & Chris Robinson

Big Bird & Queen Elizabeth

Grover & Dustin "Screech" Diamond

Grog & Bruce Vilanch

Miss Piggy & Tori Spelling

Dr. Teeth & Flava Flav

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Al Roker

Grandpa Grouch & Don Imus

Fozzy Bear & Jack Black

Forgetful Jones & Alan Jackson

Bert & Ernie & Kimmel & Corolla

Harvey Kneeslapper & Nick Nolte

The Amazing Mumford & Billy Zane

Capt. Breakfast & Brody Jenner


A late addition from The Courteous Chihuahua, who writes, "He's not a celeb, but I always thought my h.s. principal looked like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew."


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