Monday, September 14, 2009

Memorial Video Of The Day: SNL Chippendale's

RIP, Patrick. Dead at 57.

Classic Comedy Clip Of The Day: 250 Big Ones

A fine scene from The Jerk. The other actor in this clip, Bill Macy, is the reason that William H. Macy uses the H in his name. You might remember Bill as Maude's husband.


8 Food Combos The World Needs (Of The Day)


A couple weeks ago, KFC released the Double Down Sandwich -- a glorious sandwich which was basically a bacon and cheese sandwich that used chicken fillets as buns. That got us thinking, what would be some other amazing fast food combos that we'd like to see? Then it got us eating. Here are 8 other fast food combos that you need to try before you die.


The mix: A McDonalds Big Mac stuffed with two White Castle cheeseburgers.

Calories: 910

Thoughts: If someone were to ask what we thought heaven was like, we'd say it's a lot like biting right through the middle of a Big White Mac where you hit all four burger patties and a quadruple dose of pickles. Seven buns against four patties is the perfect ratio of bread to meat.

Rating: 5 stars


The mix: A piece of New York-style pizza wrapped around a Taco Bell Double Decker Taco (soft shell spread with beans and wrapped around a crunchy shell filled with beef, lettuce, and cheddar.

Calories: 625

Thoughts: If there’s one thing the Double Decker taco needs, it’s a third deck. Every bite tastes like Mexico and Italy are making sweet love in your mouth.

Rating: 4.5 stars


The mix: A McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese topped with Burger King Cheesy Tots (fried cheese balls)

Calories: 730

Thoughts: The crunchy bits of fried cheese are a perfect complement to the quarter pound of meat. But it begs the question: If you put a side order on top of your burger, do you still need fries with your meal? (Which begs the answer: Yes.)

Rating: 5 stars


The mix: A McDonald's Angus Third Pounder Deluxe stacked with a Burger King Angry Tendercrisp (chicken sandwich topped with sizzling bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, jalapenos, angry onions and signature angry sauce.)

Calories: 1,780

Thoughts: The anger is palpable. Raw onions and a waterfall of mayo make this one intimidating sandwich. It's the tallest item on the list and due to its massive size, it’s almost impossible to eat – but that doesn't stop us from trying.

Rating: 3 stars


The mix: A Dunkin Donuts sausage, egg, and cheese croissant breakfast sandwich stuffed with a McDonalds cheeseburger

Calories: 940

Thoughts: Ketchup and eggs have always gone together, so this is a natural progression. Basically a hamburger, pickles and onions omelet. The burger overpowers the rest. This is the perfect breakfast to start your day -– if you normally spend your day sweating and wheezing because you just ate the world's most awesome breakfast.

Rating: 3 stars


The mix: A McDonalds sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle sandwiched between two Dominos Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes (chocolate cakes, crunchy on the outside, molten chocolate on the inside)

Calories: 1,274

Thoughts: An explosion of sugary goodness - we could feel our teeth decaying even as we chewed. Bonus spin-off meal: once the warm chocolate filling starts oozing out, you can dip the leftover McGriddle pancakes in it. Think fondue for the disability scooter crowd.

Rating: 3.5 stars


The mix: A Taco Bell grilled steak taquito topped with a six-piece of White Castle chicken rings.

Calories: 570

Thoughts: Utter disappointment. We were looking forward to this one the most before coming to the harsh realization that the chicken ring hole is too small to fit around the taquito. It looked like a group of drunk coeds riding a banana boat during spring break.

Rating: 2 stars


The mix: A Kentucky Fried Chicken Double-Crunch sandwich (two chicken strips, lettuce, tomato and tangy pepper mayo sauce) stuffed with a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme (flour tortilla filled with beef, nacho cheese sauce, a crunchy tostada shell, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes)

Calories: 1,010

Thoughts: Why haven’t we combined mayonnaise and sour cream before?

Rating: 4 stars

New Product Of The Day: Eco-Vibrator

Hand-cranked? You can do that without a vibrator.

From BLong and The Austrian Times.

Women get a buzz from eco-vibrator

By David Rogers

Green fans are getting a buzz out of a new hand-cranked vibrator that makers say could help save the planet.

The eco-sex toy - dubbed the “Earth Angel” - uses a small wind-up handle to power up rechargeable batteries inside the casing.

It had originally been planned as a sex aid for the Third World where batteries and electricity supplies are unreliable.

But the Irish manufacturers Camden Enterprises have been swamped with interest from Green followers after displaying the vibrator at the Ars Electronica fair in Linz, Upper Austria, this week.

"We wanted to produce an environmentally friendly sex toy that appealed to all consumers regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

"It has been in its development stage for the past two years and we are excited that our vision has become reality," said a spokesman.

The threats technology and genetic engineering pose to the human race will be the focus of the thirtieth computer-art festival which started last week. The Ars Electronica will run until 8 September.

Classic News Video Of The Day: Buggin'

A web classic. He might be overreacting.

NSFW for language.

Roller Coaster Screams Of The Day, Vol. 2 (NSFW)

Another round of funny ride photos. These don't really need captions. Some are funnier if you click for a larger view.

Thanks, Wendy in RI, for the links.


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