Thursday, August 27, 2009

Classic Comedy Clip Of The Day

Megan suggested this classic from "In Living Color." Typical JC shenanigans, back when it was still funny.

Time-Suck Of The Day

Scrabble + Tetris = a word game that will make you curse me. Sorry. I'm screwed, too, if it's any consolation. I could play this for hours -- and probably will.

Clicky the pic-ky.

Intepretive Dance Video Of The Day

An Australian talent show clip from Suzanne, who says, "I don't know what a Wenkyshafee is. Maybe it's the name of one of their sweet dance moves."

Ah, the 80s. This is like some jazzercise class gone horribly, horribly awry.

Magazines About Ordinary People Of The Day

From Click any pic for a larger view.

It seems like every special interest has its own magazine, but there's also a niche group of people who the magazine industry could target. We decided to take it upon ourselves to create a few magazines covers and see what it would look like if every group of people really DID have their own magazine.

Note Of The Day

Did I post this before? I can't remember. I know I put it on Facebook. Anyhoo...a few months ago my wife found this in my daughter's trash can and read it, naturally. It's a note she was going to give to her friend at school. I guess I should be more careful opening my e-mail when she's around. I have no idea when she saw this.

Craigslist Ads Of The Day: Roommates Needed

Two good ones from Eli. The pictures make them both. Click for larger versions.

Women Of LOTD - a few things

The big post is tomorrow, so if you want in, please send your pic to me today at

Some of the pics I'm getting are very small and won't show up well. Please try to send standard photo-sized shots if possible (3 x 5 or better). Pixel size varies, but if your pic is under 50K, it's probably too small.

Said one reader, "I don't have any T&A pics to send." T&A pics are not required. Any photo of you will do.


Sponsor Video Of The Day: Aspray

Damn. If I stank this much I'd shoot myself in the face.


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