Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Links Of The Day

Another bunch o' links from you, my helpful readers.

One last shot of literal music videos... U2 (from CajunMan), Creed (from AMK) and Billy Idol (from Sheila).

Speaking of, here's an interview with the guy who came up with the literal music video idea - from Simon.

From Noreen, the Musical Theater Dictionary -- inside jokes for theater folk.

Who doesn't love canned meat? From Tink and The Boy Most Likely.

We've got mice - from Smokiechick.

I think Weird Al's been reading some of our Craigslist posts. From Bean Counter.

Top 10 'Staches - from Scott.

80s music & the sax: FAIL. From Frank.

You hope this is a joke. But you never know these days. From Julie M.


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