Monday, July 27, 2009

Vid Of The Day: Stupid Pet Trick

Letterman liked it.

From TonyRo.

QOTD: The Coolest Thing

Today's QOTD is from Daisy, who says, "You got a great response to your question of the day recently when you asked us to tell the most wild, strange, bizarre thing we had ever witnessed first hand. I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of response you would get if you asked kind of the opposite of that and have your readers describe one of the most awesome, amazing, cool, fun, wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, etc. things they had ever witnessed or experienced first hand. Might be things like the view of the Grand Canyon, a work of art, the birth of a baby, a large gathering of people together for a worthwhile cause, etc."

What ya got?

Oh -- let me save you the trouble of posting the Roy Batty speech from Blade Runner.

Vacation Links Of The Day

I'm at the beach this week so it's mostly link posts with a few random others thrown in when I can.

Her eyebrows frighten me more than her voice. From James.

12 ugly gadgets from Todd M. and Crunch Gear. The Bubble Helmet is my favorite.

Classic Super Bowl commercials (1, 2, 3) from Mike.

Neon Golden brings you the world's worst preacher (NSFW)

Top 10 pop-culture postal workers from Chris L. and The Shark Guys.

Ever wonder why A Flock Of Seagulls didn't last? Yeah, neither do I, but here's a reminder from Mike.

6 cute animals that will eat your feckin' face off. From

Interesting: an art student's vanishing car from Ann P.

Movie buffs: you need to know about The Wilhelm Scream. From Scott Santoro.

Pick The Perp: a fun game from Sheila and Steve "Resident Crank" Hatchett.

Commercial Of The Day: Holes

The A-holes taste funny. From Don C.


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