Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Music Of The Day

Click the pic to visit the eye-assaulting (intentionally) website of Sub Pop and download their summer sampler of cuts, some from people you've even heard of.

And don't say I never gave you nothin' (besides that recurring rash, I mean. Sorry about that.).

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

Don't talk to strangers, including the one under the table peeping up your skirt. Just ignore him. It's Rick Springfield, actor and rock star. That's just what they do.

A video request from Mala. She hearts Rick Springfield.

8 Pregnant Hotties Of The Day

Monica Bellucci. (Drool.) From


Baby daddy: Male model Gabriel Aubry

Halle pulls off "over 40" and "with child" better than anyone we've seen. Plus, we admire the guts it must have taken to walk into the maternity store and say, "Give me a big stack of the lowest-cut dresses you have."


Baby daddy: Husband Jordan Bratman

She probably won't be getting dirty in any boxing rings for a while, but Xtina hasn't resorted to a housecoat and slippers, either. Plus, there's a good chance her doctor has told her to take out her piercings because of the bun in her oven, which is a plus for guys that aren't into body mods.


Most recent baby daddy: Pop singer Seal

Heidi has already pumped out three offspring, but each time her torso has rapidly reverted to its original toned and insanely hot state. Even when she was ultra-pregnant and hosting Project Runway, she was making maternity clothes look like Victoria's Secret outfits.


Most recent baby daddy: French actor David Charvet

It has been well documented how much we love Brooke. She is someone for whom we would be more than happy to make the long trip to the supermarket at 4 A.M. on a Thursday to get Cheetos and cookie dough.


Baby daddy: Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale

Cute has always been Gwen's thing, so pregnancy really works for her. It just gives her more real estate to fill up with wacky henna tattoos and bracelets. Plus, it put a little color into her otherwise—and we mean this in the sexiest way possible—corpse-like complexion.


Baby daddy: Actor Liev Schreiber

Naomi has always been hot, but a little on the scrawny side for our tastes. Once she got pregnant, she carried that baby weight in all the right places (boobs).


Baby daddy: DJ Eric Calvo

Jaime has the pregnant white trash act down to a science, and there's something really hot about that. She and her arsenal of surprisingly revealing maternity clothes were the main reasons we tuned in to "My Name Is Earl" before the writers' strike put it on hold. Plus, she carries her big belly and huge boobs a lot better than Elvis Presley ever did.


Baby daddy: Actor Vincent Cassel

It probably has something to do with her Italian heritage, but Monica has never been shy about showing off her figure, and pregnancy did nothing to change that. Her nude pregnant magazine shoot made Demi Moore's look about as hot as a Cat Fancy cover by comparison.

Vid Of The Day: Triumph At Bonnaroo, Part 1

I think I saw Bev in the background.

Vid Of The Day: Dick Unplugged (NSFW)

Richard Simmons is festive. And a big fan of the F bomb, apparently. So we have that in common.

From Wendy In RI.

America's Top 10 Roller Coasters Of The Day

From One man's opinion; and that man is the guy at who wrote this, not me. I haven't ridden any of these, although I do love coasters. Know who probably doesn't? Fabio.


Boulder Dash

(Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT) Located anywhere else, this wonderful roller coaster would still be a top favorite. Great airtime, smooth ride, relentless speed from start to finish. The fact that it is built into the side of a mountain and careens around trees and boulders, however, pushes it to the top of the list.

El Toro

(Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ) Opened in 2006, the adrenaline-pumping, smooth-as-silk El Toro is among the best wooden coasters on the planet -- except I'm not sure it's correct to characterize it as a wooden coaster. (Its track is made from laser-cut, prefabricated, bonded, and laminated wood sections.) Whatever El Toro is (or is not), there's no denying that it is an incredible achievement and a joyful rush to ride.


(Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN) The roller coaster that proves the adage, "size isn't everything," Raven packs delerious airtime and out-of-control speed into its 90-second ride.


(Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA) Another creation from Custom Coasters, Inc., the folks that built Boulder Dash. These people really knew how to deliver new-age wood coasters (CCI went belly-up in 2002). Most of their monsters seem to defy the laws of physics and somehow override the effects of friction to keep the roller coaster trains screaming until the brake run before the station. GhostRider is no exception.


(Astroland, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY) Sure, there may be "better" roller coasters. It's not the smoothest ride (one fan I know likened the first drop to riding down the rungs of an 85-foot ladder). But this classic is one of the originals and holds a special place in the hearts of fans. The Cyclone is nostalgic, yet surprisingly vital, after all these years.


Superman: Ride of Steel

(Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA) Speed, airtime, G-forces: This hypercoaster gives riders the perfect combination of everything a great roller coaster should have and never stops giving it from the moment of the first terrifying drop until it returns to the station. An instant classic.

Apollo's Chariot

(Busch Gardens Europe, Williamsburg, VA) There's only one word to describe the steel hypercoaster, Apollo's Chariot: smooth. And exhilarating. And one of the best coasters anywhere. (OK, that's way more than one word. So sue me.) But the operative word is smooth.

The Incredible Hulk

(Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL) A launched roller coaster unlike any other. It must be ridden to be believed.

Millennium Force

(Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH) The coaster-lovers' park that first gave us a hypercoaster (Magnum XL-200) topped itself with this 310-foot "giga-coaster." It's such a long way up, it uses an elevator cable to speed the trains to the top of the lift hill instead of a traditional chain lift.


(Buffalo Bill's Casino, Primm, NV) One of the early hypercoasters, its enormous, yellow track is an ominous sight as you travel the interstate between L.A. and Vegas. Of all the roller coasters I've ridden, this one produced the most sustained free-floating airtime. What a rush! It's simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying -- and that pretty much defines a great roller coaster experience.


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