Monday, June 15, 2009

Vid Of The Day: Talent Show Act #2


Pornographic Plants Of The Day (NSFW-ish)

I smell Photoshop, but these are funny just the same. My favorite is the two pine trees playing "hide the wood."

From TheMovieGuru.

From Keeorp.

Grandmother Rock, Thailand - from Katya

Classic Vid Of The Day: Star Wars Trumpet Solo

I like to dust this one off every six months or so. Just 'cause.

Don't miss the Chaplin bit.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Movie Conspiracies Of The Day

From Empire magazine.


What's the plan?

It's a Grisham/Pakula conspiracy mash-up so it's going to be pulse-frazzlingly thrilling. Right? Wrong! An oil tycoon, with friends in the White House, wants to drill on environmentally-protected land that's home to some rare wildlife. This isn't a conspiracy; it's Sarah Palin's election campaign.

Who's responsible?

Shady oilman Victor Mattiece (who we never meet).

Why it would never work:

When Mattiece arranges the killing of a couple of pelican-loving Supreme Court Justices, he forgets that when you're an Alan Pakula villain, it's never about just the one or two cheeky assassinations; you're going to have to kill everyone. Plus, if you want to take down a crusading Julia Roberts and a flock of indignant pelicans, you're going to need a more convincing hitman than Stanley Tucci.

See the rest HERE.

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day: Eight Is Enough Wedding

Just wait for the hair.


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