Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 Things A Woman Does That A Guy Thinks Are Come-Ons But Aren't

Sorry, chief, she's just not that into you. Some hard truths from

Ladies, do you agree with these? None of these things ever happened to me, so I have no idea if they're true or not.


If a beautiful girl does any of the following 10 things, you might start thinking she wants you. You might be wrong.

1. She backs her ass up into you while dancing.

All this means is that she’s had about eight Red Bull and vodkas and the DJ just put on some Lil Jon. What! Ye-ah!

2. She invites you to brunch.

A rule of thumb: Eggs and coffee never lead to the bedroom. Brunch after sex, yes; brunch before sex, never.

3. She calls you hysterically crying.

You think by getting intimate with her feelings, she’s showing she wants to be intimate in other ways. Reality: She’d never let on to a guy she wants to sleep with that she’s teetering on the edge of sanity.

4. She compliments you on your sweet new shoes or shades.

She’s not noticing you, she’s noticing new pretty, shiny, fashiony things.

5. She asks you for sex advice.

She’s just trying to find out what that other guy she’s going to blow enjoys.

6. She bums a smoke.

You’re psyched about a few precious minutes alone; she’s suffering your company to feed her soul-crushing addiction.

7. She meets you for drinks wearing sneakers and a ratty old tee.

This is not an attempt to show you her cute sporty look. She honestly doesn’t give a shit whether you find her attractive.

8. She flirts with you — sometimes.

If she goes hot and cold, don’t kid yourself: She’s not playing hard to get; she’s just keeping you hanging on in case she can’t get anyone she likes better.

9. She invites you to a boring event, like a play.

Could Mamma Mia! be so excruciating that no one else would go with her? Bingo.

10. She seductively eats a banana or ice cream cone in front of you.

Sorry, guy, but there’s just no other way to eat these things.

Really Bright Criminals Of The Day

Insert Three Stooges SFX here.

From Amy.

SNL Clip Of The Day: Gas Right

I liked this, but then, I'm a 12yo trapped in a 44yo body. From TheMovieGuru.

Ironic Photos Of The Day

In the spirit of the wife beater's mug shot, a few more ironic photos. Some of these have been bouncing around the web for awhile, but just play along -- I've got a theme going here.

From Paul D.


Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

Easily one of the worst songs of the 80s. The "artist," Rockwell, is the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy, and just so happened to get a record deal with -- ready for a shock? -- Motown. What are the odds? Rockwell claims he got the record deal without his father's knowledge, so take a listen and decide for yourself.

Yes, that's Michael Jackson on the chorus; I guess it was too much for Rockwell.

This was Rockwell's only real hit before he faded into obscurity, but there's a happy ending: he no longer has to worry about people watching him.

Ironic Bust Of The Day

Sucks to be you, Chokey.

From The Smoking Gun.

Man Wearing "I ♥ My Marriage" Shirt Busted For Domestic Battery

MARCH 16--A Florida man wearing an "I ♥ My Marriage" t-shirt was arrested last night for allegedly choking his wife during an argument in their Tampa-area home.

Bradley Gellert, a 32-year-old financial consultant, was busted by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office deputies and booked into jail on a felony domestic battery by strangulation charge.

According to a police report, Gellert, pictured in the below mug shot, got into an argument with his wife and "screamed at the victim and threw numerous items." He then allegedly "grabbed the victim's neck and strangled her," which "prevented the victim from breathing normally."

Gellert's wife subsequently fled the couple's Apollo Beach home and went to a nearby sheriff's office to report the incident. Investigators noted that the woman had been "taken to the ground by the arrestee and suffered an abrasion to her knee and red marks on her neck."

The "I ♥ My Marriage" shirt was a promotional item tied to the 2008 movie "Fireproof," a Christian-themed film starring Kirk Cameron. The movie, a hit in evangelical circles, centers on a fireman's religious awakening and his simultaneous effort to save a failing marriage.

Great Moments In Home Shopping TV

I love live TV

(From Tech TV, not home shopping, but it's too damn funny not to include)

Early Mike Rowe



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