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Documentary Film Of The Day: Dear Zachary

If you like documentaries -- I do -- this one looks powerful. I know that it will be hard to watch, but great docs often are (
Capturing The Friedmans, Four Little Girls, One Day In September).


Some DVDs should come with a box of tissues. The gut-wrenching, fiercely partisan documentary
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (out on DVD next week) should come with a mop.

Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne set out to eulogize his friend Andrew Bagby — a 28-year-old doctor who was murdered in 2001. When the killer, Bagby's ex-girlfriend, announced that she was pregnant with Bagby’s son, Kuenne turned his film into an open letter addressed to the boy.

“My movie now took on a whole new meaning,” Kuenne explains in a voice-over. “I vowed to collect every memory for you before they were gone.”

But one shocking twist was yet to come. We’re not giving it away here, but we will tell you to brace yourself — and keep those tissues handy.

The movie's homepage is here.

Pre-order it here (a bit pricey, unfortunately, but easy to resell on Amazon):

Catch Of The Day (NSFW)

Talk about the total package: ambition, intelligence, charm, wit, mental stability. This guy has it all. From Nicki, who writes, "This is my ex-boyfriend (!). If this isn't funny, I don't know what is."

Don't get too excited, though, ladies. I'm sure he's off the market by now. The good ones go fast.

But seriously... when Prell or Ban want to test a new product, why can't they use someone like this instead of a poor little bunny or rhesus monkey? Wouldn't you spray Aqua Net into this guy's eyes just to see if it stings? I would. I think the most noble thing he can do with his life at this point is to go ahead and give away his organs and settle down for a long winter's dirt nap.

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day: BBM

Who remembers this one? We used to watch it at school... which I loved, because they turned off the lights and I could take a catnap. I could usually get about 7-8 minutes in before the teacher would come and smack me with a broom and then strip me down and make me stand naked in the corner while the class took turns lashing my tender buttocks with a whip.

"Are You An Asshole?" Quiz Of The Day

30 from a list of 100+ at

If you make fun of a sports team for 10 years and then when they suddenly do well, you jump on the bandwagon and act as if you've always been a fan... you are an asshole!

If you take up two parking spaces for one car... you are an asshole! (unless you have to get your wheelchair out of your car)

If you fart while passing in front of people in the movie theater... you are an asshole!

If you complain about the government, yet don't vote... you are an asshole!

If you drive 50 mph in the far left lane on the highway and don't notice all the cars backed up behind you... you are an asshole!

If you complain about the price of gas, yet drive a car that gets eight miles per gallon... you are an asshole!

If you commit a crime, get caught and sent to prison, but think it is are an asshole!

If you watch 28 hours of television a week and then say that you don't read because you don't have time... you are an asshole!

If you commit a crime, get caught and sent to prison, but think it is unfair... you are an asshole!

If you send chain letters of any kind (this includes those stupid e-mails that you are going to make a ton of money or some sick child will benefit because so-and-so company will track your e-mails even though that is impossible)... you are an asshole!

If you are Christian Bale... you are an asshole!

If you put your makeup on while driving... you are an asshole!

If you blast your horn at the driver in front of you a split second after the light turns green... you are an asshole!

If you stay in the movie theater while your baby screeches his head off... you are an asshole! (And I will ask you to leave.- C)

If you have a lame homepage that takes forever to download because you have cheesy music and way too many graphics... you are an asshole!

If you think welfare is an occupation... you are an asshole!

If you talk shit about people without knowing the whole story... you're an asshole!

If you complain about your weight problem and still eat at McDonalds... you are an asshole!

If you yell at people on t.v. to do something even though you know they can't hear you... you are an asshole!

If you ask stupid questions and then get pissed off when returned with stupid are an asshole!

If you loudly entertain the whole bus/park/lobby/ beach/neighborhood with your boom box, car stereo or iPod blasting so loud in your ears that we can all still hear it... you are an asshole!

If you call for a pizza, tell the guy to hold, then ask what everybody are an asshole!

If you write "U" instead of "you," or "sux" instead of "sucks," or "klik" instead of "click" or "kreative" instead of "creative" are an asshole!

If you think welfare is an are an asshole!

If you ask every Asian person you meet, "Do you know karate?"... you are an asshole!

If you think only women should are an asshole!

If you hold people up in line at the store to pay for a one dollar pack of gum with a credit card... you are an asshole!

If you ask someone a question but don't listen to the are an asshole!

When you are the boss and send out an email telling everyone in the office to show up on time and then stroll in 30 minutes late everyday and leave at 10 to are an asshole!

If you make a list of what constitutes an asshole... you are an asshole!

Got any to add to the list?

Cool Pics From Google Earth

I was playing with the new version of Google Earth the other night and started looking up famous landmarks. I must say -- pretty cool stuff. Click any pic for a better view.

Mt. St. Helens


Stonehenge. ('Tis a magic place, where the moon doth rise with a dragon's face.)

Eiffel Tower

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Taj Mahal, India (home of Dell customer service)

The Great Pyramids

A segment of the Panama Canal

The Teton Range

Sydney Harbour, with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Hollywood Sign

The Parthenon, Greece

Ellis Island

Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Niagara Falls

Machu Picchu, Peru ("The Lost City Of The Incas")

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Arc De Triomphe, Paris

Venice, Italy

Colosseum, Rome

Diamondhead Crater, Hawaii

Google Earth gives you the option to have the program superimpose 3-D illustrations of buildings over its satellite photos, which comes in handy when the angle of objects in the photo does not match your viewing angle, as seen in this shot of the Statue Of Liberty without 3-D.

The same shot (almost) with the 3-D enabled. I'm not sure which is the lesser of two evils: one is weird and one is fake. But it's a small complaint.

Another example...

The fountain pool at the Bellagio in Las Vegas without 3-D enabled.

And a wider shot of the Vegas Strip in 3-D.

London, with Big Ben in 3-D

Devil's Tower, Wyoming (from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) in 3-D

St. Louis Arch (3-D)

Craiglist Ad Of The Day: I Want To Have Sex In A Bathtub Full Of Cereal

From Rhonda, who will only have sex in Frankenberry.

My favorite part is the mask.

I want to have sex in a bathtub full of breakfast cereal - m4w

Date: 2008-12-03, 11:55AM PST

I am looking for a kindred spirit that enjoys, sex, baths, and cereal. So why not try them all at the same time? Now, be warned… I have some very specific stipulations for this fantasy of mine:

1) The cereal must have less than 2 grams of protein per serving. That’s right, the pure sugar stuff kids eat to get roofed like junkies on speed. These can include:

Fruity Pebbles
Count Chocula
Cookie Crisp
Cocoa Pebbles
Cocoa Puffs
Golden Crisps
Honey Smacks
Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch
Cap’n Crunch
Apple Jacks
Froot Loops
Corn Pops

If you have other suggestions I am more than happy to entertain them.

2) It must be 2% milk, having sex in a bathtub full of cereal is no time for moderation. Plus, I need to get my daily dose of Vitamins A and D.

3) You must be comfortable in the doggie style position. I don’t see any other way to avoid shrinkage and still let you enjoy your cereal before it becomes too mushy.

4) If you insist of photography/videography I will need to insist that I wear a Mexican wrestling mask a la Nacho Libre.

5) I plan on making this a safe encounter to please feel free to bring your own utensils.

After we are finished if you feel like you need something to make you regular again, I should have some Grape-Nuts that you can nibble on.

If you are serious, send me a photo, I need to make sure you can fit into the tub.

  • Location: bathtub
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Commercial Of The Day: Barbie Turns 50

Rawr! From Toby, Eli and Nicolle.


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