Monday, January 5, 2009

Caption This Photo Of The Day

"I don't care if we go extinct, I'm not screwing Hsing Hsing again. He's a lousy lay."

Your turn.

Classic Video Of The Day: Wedding Evolution Of Dance

I say "classic" because it's over a year old on YouTube, but somehow I'd never seen it before. After watching it, I find one thing very clear: This was the groom's idea. Go big fella!

From Berit.


Top 10 Upcoming TV Premieres Of The Day

From E! Online, a list of impending series premieres that they are most stoked about. Me, I'm more than ready for the return of my favorite show, Lost. I'm also debating whether or not to bother with 24 again. I watched several seasons but quit the last one mid-season because it was so bad. I'd like to check out Reaper -- I've heard good things -- but I didn't watch any of the first season. I will not be watching American Idol again -- ever. One season of that trainwreck was enough for me.

by Kristin Dos Santos and Jennifer Godwin
E! Online

Winter TV starts next week, and there's such an embarrassment of riches this season that it's hard to know where to start. Lucky for you, we've got a countdown of the top 10 winter series most worth your attention. Is your favorite show included? Find out...


Joss Whedon returns to television! The wizard himself has created a new series in which the mindfrak is built in to the premise: Young men and women are deprogrammed of their own personalities in order to make room for fabulous new personas ranging from perfect girlfriend to hostage negotiator. Of course, when the so-called "Dolls" start reestablishing personal identities, all heck breaks loose, and the drama begins. Eliza Dushku stars. (Feb. 13)


American Idol is America's favorite television series, and it's back for season eight with a new full-time judge Kara DioGuardi. Producers are promising fewer goofball auditions this year (although some fans think that's the best part) and a renewed focus on the art of music. (Jan. 13)


The CW's Reaper may be the best show you've never seen, and it returns in March for a 13-episode second season. Look for further exploration of Sam's past and his true connection with the Devil, plus a dangerous romance for Ben. (March 17)


They're going to put Friday Night Lights in the Smithsonian some day, because few artistic endeavors—much less commercial TV series—have ever rendered Americana so faithfully. DirecTV subscribers have already seen season three, but if you've only got regular TV, you can finally catch up with the Dillon Panthers again beginning Jan. 16 on NBC. (Jan. 16)


The ragtag fleet found Earth—but now what?! The future of the human race remains unknown, but let's face it—Cylonic secrets are the true mystery of Battlestar Galactica's final 10 episodes. Which Cylons are at risk for permanent extinction now that the Resurrection Ship has been destroyed? What do they want with Earth? And most fascinating of all, which familiar human is the last Cylon? (Jan. 16)


The Henricksons are back in town, and season three of Big Love is guaranteed to be a doozy: Look for a shocking pregnancy, a dire illness and the return of Ana, who rapidly becomes a potential fourth wife. (Jan. 18)


The next great epic serial is here! Created by Michael Green (Everwood, Heroes), Kings is the biblical story of David, Goliath and King Saul, retold in an alternate universe that looks somewhat like our world but is visibly unique and different. It's New York City— Ian McShane returns to television as the imperious King Saul; newcomer Christopher Egan stars as golden boy David. (March 19)


No one knows what this show is about, but that's OK, we're excited anyway, since it's produced by Greg Daniels and Mike Schur of The Office and stars at least three actors we love: Amy Poehler (host of Smart Girls at the Party), Aziz Ansari (Scrubs) and Rashida Jones (The Office, Unhitched). Also, it apparently features cage fighting. (In our dreams.) (April)

2. 24

In the looong-awaited "Day Seven" of 24, Tony Almeida is back and literally badder than ever—he's gone to the dark side! Jack, meanwhile, is on a dark journey of his own, coming to terms with his literally torturous past all while trying to bring down evil Jon Voight and preventing Senegalese rebels from invading the White House. (Yes, you read that right—invading the White House—and this is why season seven is due to rock.) (Jan. 11)


Lost returns in less than three weeks, and the world will be a better place for it. Season five means it's time to go back to the Island, but there's more than a little gridlock on the road back: The nature of time and space itself is an obstacle (the Island is missing!), not to mention Charles Widmore's diabolical schemes and the internal strife between the Oceanic Six members. If you haven't seen it yet, check out our past Lost season-five coverage, including two fascinating sneak peek videos with Kate and Aaron and Jack and Ben! (Jan. 21)

For more information, including other series premieres and dates, check the full article at E! Online.

Vid Of The Day: Gun Safety Tips From Plaxico Burress

For those of you who don't follow pro football, Plaxico Burress is an NFL player who was recently arrested for carrying an unlicensed, loaded gun into a night club. The gun was discovered after Plax accidentally shot himself in the leg.

From Bubbasmom and Josh.


Party Of The Day

So you're having a party at your apartment, but you're not inviting your neighbors. Fine. And you send them a note to warn them about the noise. Great.

But if you put the note to your neighbors about the party they aren't invited to on festive paper, one of them might not like it, and might decide to have a little fun with you.

And it just gets better from there. Read the rest HERE.

Vid Of The Day: Star Trek Meets Monty Python

Good stuff from Emmi.


Vid Of The Day: Iranian Police Women

Come get some.



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