Thursday, January 1, 2009

Weekend Links Of The Day

Lots of linky love to keep you busy over the long weekend. I had hoped to use some of these as regular posts, but my backlog of submissions is bursting at the seams, so I need to just get these posted.

Happy 2009 to all.

Two different versions of the same fun game. From Cheryl and Blong, and dedicated to my friend, VF.

Strangers Touching - an interesting photo essay from Richard Renaldi.

10 ways to waste time online - from Cheryl

Senior choir rappers from Regan and TheMovieGuru.

Crafts gone horribly awry at Craftastrophe, from Tracey and Regan.

Mr. Bean goes to the library - a clip from Daisy, the librarian.

"Not sure if it airs nationwide, but this is the lamest. commercial. ever," says Dorf.

Natalie Dee makes me laugh.

I bet the messages on Amy's Answering Machine are funny. You need RealAudio to hear them, and I don't have it (or want it). From Paul D.

The 25 hottest sports wives, from MikeV. One of them, actress/model Carol Alt, 48, is nekkid and lookin' damn good in this month's Playboy.

Cool staircases from Craig Weiland.

Finally, here's a cat flushing the toilet, from Parry Gripp, frontman for the band Nerf Herders.



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