Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Links Of The Day

Meant to put these up yesterday but was too busy being non-productive.

Sometimes it's the simple things. A link from Patrick K. Don't waste your time with the pineapple, tomato or gelatin cups. The eggs are cool, though.

Yes, this is a Sprint website, but it has widgets out the wazoo.

This video is from Ann P., so please direct your hate toward her. I'm just the messenger.

This dude has a boner for Lance Bass. From Nick.

Check out our buddy Steve Hatchett's new favorite site: Mexican Muffintops.

Get your pet noticed online with these pet social sites from Patrick T. My favorite is Hamsterster, even though I don't like rodents as pets.

You don't have to be F-'ed up to enjoy Strindberg & Helium, but I bet it helps.

After seeing how the other half lives, I might never again bitch about my house.

You probably already know about Mailinator, but if not, you should. Unless of course you enjoy spam.


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