Friday, November 21, 2008

Science Finding Of The Day: Babies Like Booze

Good news for liquor-deprived expectant moms, from

For years, most of us have agreed that pregnant women should try to abstain from alcohol. Now it seems that women who drink (lightly) while pregnant are less likely to have children with behavioral and cognitive problems.

Researchers at the University College of London looked at thousands of pregnancies and found that while a mother’s heavy drinking put babies at serious risk for brain defects and behavioral problems, the children who performed best on a battery of cognitive tests came from mothers who had one to two drinks per week.

The scientists aren’t ready to prescribe alcohol along with prenatal vitamins — the statistical benefit was rather modest — but they do argue that the occasional drink won’t do a baby a bit of harm.

But please - read more here before you change your habits.

Horndog Exhibitionists Of The Day

According to an e-mail and photos from the always-helpful Courteous Chihuahua, these young lovers decided to play hide the salami atop a bridge over the Emajõgi River in Estonia. And in broad daylight no less.

Remember the QOTD a few months back where I asked for the boldest places you've ever gotten busy? I don't think anybody listed "atop a bridge."

Points to them for creativity, I suppose, but if you do this and your partner is a screamer, just be sure it's you making them scream and they haven't fallen over the side.

SNL Clip Of The Day: Prop 8

Surely you aren't surprised by this news.


Biker Of The Day (video)

And he gets a high-five afterward. I hope the guy was thanking him for the entertaining display of suck.

Get off the road, asshat.

From TheMovieGuru.


10 Freaky Moments In Airport Security

A list from Chris T. and

What do crocodiles, breast milk, pickles, a skeleton, and a camel costume have in common?

Believe it or not, they were all found by amazed airport security in the bags of some unforgettable travelers. Read on to learn the bizarre stories surrounding these incidents and more.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

An elderly woman was stopped at Munich airport after agents made a gruesome find: a human skeleton in a sealed plastic bag inside her suitcase. No, this old duck wasn't the killer. She just wanted to fulfill the dying wish of her brother who passed away eleven years ago. Grandma was simply taking him to his homeland of Italy for a proper burial. Violating no laws, the woman was allowed to continue her journey, skeleton and all.

That’s My Camel!

At Australia’s Sydney Airport, a baggage handler found a camel costume in a suitcase and, obviously taken with it, wore the suit out onto the tarmac to entertain his fellow baggage crew. The incident might have gone undetected had the traveler not spotted his costume from the airplane window and protested.

Lactation Humiliation

An American mom was unconcerned in 2002 when staff at JFK Airport approached her for a random search. She never imagined that the three bottles of breast milk in her travel bag would cause such a stir. Security agents asked her to drink from each bottle to prove it was nothing dangerous. The woman, concerned that her saliva might spoil the expressed milk for her infant, offered instead to place a drop on each arm to taste, but her offer was rejected, and she was made to drink from each bottle. Her lawyer later commented, "I think the number of Caucasian, lactating mothers who have passed through al Qaeda training camps is negligible!"

Where Ya Headed?

Logan International Airport staff were in for a surprise when they found a severed seal head in the bag of one of their passengers. The man was a biologist who cut off the head of a dead seal he found on his travels. He hoped to keep the specimen for educational purposes, but was refused because he didn't have a permit.

Armed And Extremely Harmless

G.I. Joe may inspire fear in the hearts of cartoon bad guys, but few would accuse the action figures of the same thing. Yet staff at Los Angeles Airport became anxious when they spied a G.I. Joe figurine in British traveler Judy Powell's luggage. The toy, which was a gift for her son, brandished a two-inch plastic rifle. Airport staff are under orders "to confiscate anything that looks like a weapon or a replica," so Joe's scary little gun was removed before boarding.

What A Croc

When staff at Manila airport stopped a random passenger, the man claimed to be carrying live fish in his luggage, but was lying. He was instead carrying three live Siamese crocodiles, which is one way to get a crocodile suitcase, we suppose.

Ice Ice Baby

Plenty of senior citizens carry ice packs to soothe their aches and pains. But while the contents of 66-year-old Sara Weiss' travel bag weren't unique, her reception at San Diego airport certainly was. Sara's bag contained ice packs wrapped in duct tape and filled with clay. These harmless items looked suspicious enough that Sara was hauled away for questioning. It took three hours for the elderly woman to convince the airport she was not a threat to any flight. (I don't blame security agents on this one. Clay can look like explosives, and who puts clay in ice packs, anyway? - C.)

Hello Kitty

Stowaway cat Ginger was an unexpected traveling companion for Mary Martell of New Brunswick. The woman flew two hours to Toronto, and then drove for another hour before realizing her prized pet was stuck in her suitcase. The crafty cat must have snuck in while Mary was packing. Her bag was scanned by airport security, who didn't detect anything out of the ordinary. Thankfully Air Canada allowed clever Ginger to fly home for free in a proper cat carrier.

Touch Me Again

We all know you're not allowed to travel with weapons, but that didn't stop 71-year-old Rafaela Mendez from trying. She was arrested at Tampa International Airport, when security staff found a leather bludgeon in her carry-on luggage. Mendez told authorities that she keeps the weapon "to hit men's hands when they get fresh." (Here's a pic of Rafaela. I can see how she might need that club. - C)

Travel Snacks?

At the Atlanta International Airport, security officers found 30 snakes, a dead bird and pieces of several other birds in the luggage of a traveler from Vietnam via South Korea. The animals were all dead, but screeners took extra precautions because U.S. Fish and Wildlife officers warned that some of the snakes, which were packed inside jars and bottles, could still contain venom. They added that the dead snakes are typically used in traditional Chinese or Asian medicine. The passenger was fined $800 for his illegal cargo.

My Skill Of The Day

Have I ever mentioned what a skilled handyman I am? Well I am. Skilled at being absolutely inept.

I'm dead serious.

I say to my wife, "Hey hun, do you want me to fix the---"


Even my daughter knows the deal. I'll notice something broken and say, "Wow, that needs to be fixed." Her eyes will get wide.

"Don't mess with it, Daddy. Let Mommy do it."

I won't even tell you about the time I took down the basement door so I could cut a doggie door into it, only to realize as I went to rehang it that I had cut the dog opening into the top half of the door, not the bottom. (My poor dogs now have to get a running start and leap five feet in the air to ring the hole and land in the basement, then slam on the brakes as soon as they hit the floor so they won't crash into the far wall.*)

And I won't tell you about the time I was trying to add some insulation in the attic, but tripped and crashed feet-first through the sheetrock, racking my balls on a floor beam, which was the only thing that kept me from falling to the staircase below.

Nor will I tell you about the time I hung a long metal shelf high in our garage so we could get our crap off the floor and out of the way, only to be blasted awake in the middle of the night when the overloaded shelf and all the junk on it collapsed and crashed to the ground. (We thought someone had crashed their car through our garage door.)

I will tell you about our kitchen faucet, though. It has been dripping for a few days so I decided two nights ago (heh, wife wasn't home) to fix it. I took everything apart, looking for the washer than needed replacing. Couldn't find one. Then I realized we must have one of those newfangled washerless faucets I'm always hearing about (kinda like the one above), so I just scrubbed all the gunk off the fittings and put the thing back together, hoping for the best.

No dice. The lever would lift, but wouldn't push back down again. I took it all apart, tried a few different positions, and finally got it working right just as my wife got home. Drip gone. Water flowing fine. Handle goes up and down. Victory.

More than anything, I was just relieved that I had not destroyed it.

"Look," I said proudly, "I fixed the faucet. No more drip."

She was impressed. We used the faucet a couple of times that evening and had no problems.

Until the next morning when she used the faucet again.

"Honey," she called out, "Come here a second."

I came down to the kitchen.

"Look." She ran the water. It seemed fine.

"What?" I asked.

"Feel it."

I felt it. Cold water. Ok. So?

The handle was pushed to the left. The hot water side.

"Uh oh."

I moved the handle to the right. Hot water.

"Hmm," I said. "Interesting."

Then we both laughed like crazy.

But, you know... I'm pretty sure I can fix this.**

* Not really. We flipped the door, moved the hinges to the other side and hung it upside down, trailer-park style. Hey, it's in the back, who cares?

** And did, last night. With a little insistent help from the Mrs.

Classic Comedy Clips Of The Day: Eddie On James And Stevie (NSFW)

So damn funny.

NSFW for language.




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